The Pros and Cons of In-Browser Design

I just finished my “Pro-tips” article on designing in the browser, but I realized you’re probably still not completely sold on the idea. You’re probably asking why would a designer even put themselves through the torture of having to write actual code while at the same time trying to be creative. Here’s a pros and cons […]

Designing in the Browser

*I realized after writing this article that you might not be totally sold on the idea of In-Browser Design so here’s a list of Pros & Cons. There have been many industry leaders talking about their ideas for how web design is changing. Most of the talks center around the idea of getting out of […]

WordCamp Atlanta

I spoke at WordCamp Atlanta. It was awesome. Here’s the slides. I also wrote a post about it a while ago.

Photoshop 960 grid system

Using Photoshop in Web Design

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the tools we use to design the web. But we’re focused on the wrong thing. The tools you use as a designer are more about your process. Designers use tools to communicate ideas. Does Photoshop really work is a web designer’s process?

The Slider of Sliders

How to Make Sliders Not Suck

If you haven’t heard, sliders (almost always) suck and It’s our job as the designer to make websites suck less. So does that mean we have to get rid of all the sliders? Will that make everything better? Nope. We need to learn where and when to add sliders onto our pages. Here’s 3 simple rules I follow to make sure my sliders don’t suck.

Harbert Lease Solutions Featured Image

More than a Pretty Comp

As a designer, it is my job to create a vision for your website. Part of that job includes making a website look good, but more importantly, it’s to create a website that accomplishes business objectives. To do that, it takes more than just a few hours in photoshop.

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