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Dreams about getting engaged to your boyfriend

OMG bees! I had the most amazing dream ever my bf proposed to me and I said YES! Can this be a sign? Hi Fellow Bee!

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Dreams about Getting Married – Interpretation and Meaning

Dream interpretation wedding ceremony, marriage, proposal. If you are being proposed to in a dream or if you are getting married in a dream, it may symbolize a few things. Firstly, it might symbolize a wish of yours — especially if the person proposing to you or the person you are getting married to is someone you would like to form a more profound relationship with in real life.

Being proposed to in a dream might be an image of something from the outside testing your commitment. This might be another person, a potential employer, or a project you are thinking about getting involved in. The same is true for an actual wedding; what are you feeling during the ceremony?

Do you seem interested at all? Are you hesitating or are you thrilled and happy? These emotions work as a guide to what you really think about the commitment in your awake life that you have either accepted or are about to decide upon. A wedding in a dream may also symbolize that aspects of yourself are coming together or coming to an agreement of sorts. It may be that you are finally able to come to terms with your inner critic or your inner materialist or perhaps the opposite, the part of you seeking meaning in things.

You might also be uniting with your inner police man, or your inner artist, musician or singer. From a traditional Jungian perspective, the ceremony could be a symbol of the union with the part of you that represents the opposite sex if you are a man, your feminine side, and if you are a woman, your masculine side. This is a good sign that the interpretation is right.

My reaction was NO. My thought in the dream was , am not ready for marriage. But in physical mean I want a commitment with a good man. Hi Peace — thank you for your comment and very interesting dream! Did you also read the blogpost above?

A dream like that might also be about internal matters — i. Of course your own interpretation makes a lot of sense too — if you know for a fact that you are afraid to to have a new commitment because of previous pain — the dream would say that you need to work with this.

Or the dream might say — you are not ready right now — and that is okay! But if you want a commitment in real life — you have inner work to do. Best regards — Michael. Just a few ideas from my side. But there, I was prest, I called someone to please help me that I want to go to toilet.

And the person showed me where I will do it. Look like bush though. I had a very big sheet. I asked the person what I can use to pack it, and the person gave me waterproof. I packed it with it. But the toilet was so plenty that when I was packing it, my hand touched it. And I saw a handsome guy looking at me smiling, but seriously, I was not moved by his smiles. I left there and waked up. And yesterday again, I still had a dream where I rushed into a bush to toilet.

And as I bend down to toilet, I was saying to myself that I hope snake will no bit me here. And I waked up and got so worried about this dreams. Same toilet dream day before yesterday and yesterday too.

And I started to pray and tell God to make this dream be a Miracle, Blessings and Wonderful dreams for me. After the prayers this morning, I did my house chores and I was not happy about the dream at all. But I said to myself that I know that there is nothing Almighty God can not do. That is how I find this. Please I need answers to the dreams Sir. Thanks and God Bless you and give you more Wisdom and knowledge. Your email address will not be published.

Your comment:. You also sign up for my newsletter containing great inspiration for effective dreamwork. Category: Dream Symbols Dreams about weddings — what do they mean? Dream interpretation wedding, wedding ceremony, marriage, proposal, being proposed to.

Peace says:. May 13, at Michael R Olsen says:. May 14, at October 11, at Benita Chika says:. July 17, at Have a comment? Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Category: Dream Symbols.

I Had a Dream That I Married My Boyfriend. What Does That Mean?

The meaning of the dream symbol: Marry Added: 4 September Marriage is said to be one of the happiest occasion in anyone's life, unless he is being forcefully married to someone he doesn't love. Most of the people are always happy on the day of their wedding. Before I interpret the dream of marriage for you, I want you to ask a few things to yourself: What does marriage mean? Let me guess… adding new responsibilities in your life?

Marriage is a special thing for each one of our lives. If we are lucky, we will get married only once in our lifetime to someone really special.

Dreams about marriage can signify harmony, passion, and dedication. The very fact of getting married in a dream can mark the beginning of the changes that are about to make your life better in so many ways. Depending on the circumstances and the dream context, they can sometimes bring you a life lesson that is not so pleasant, but the one that will make you realize some things and appreciate the ones given to you. Dreams about marriage offer are often dreamed of by people who expect to marry or those who hope to come soon.

Dream of Marriage Proposal – Meaning and Symbolism

Even if you've never spent a waking second planning your dream nuptials, your unconscious hours may still be full of dreams about weddings — as well as dreams about getting married , brides, grooms, rings, dresses, and rehearsal dinners where the waiters are serving everyone Legos, instead of the chicken that you had previously agreed upon. What gives? Do these dreams mean that you're secretly obsessed with getting married? Is your subconscious in cahoots with your aunt who always ruins Thanksgiving by asking you why you're still single? Not quite. Though wedding dreams are extremely common for the engaged, they're also common among folks who aren't even eager to commit to a cell phone provider — because dreams about getting married symbolize many things besides a desire to settle down ourselves. Weddings are richly symbolic and imbued with tons of meaning; thus, they are a great canvas for our sleeping selves to use to work out all sorts of issues. Wedding dreams can reflect our anxieties about recent life changes, our excitement about the future, or increased levels of self-acceptance. Read on for dream analyst and author Lauri Loewenberg 's tips on how to decode your wedding dream meanings. You're gonna have to figure out how to deal with your aunt on your own, though.

(Closed) BF Proposed to me in my Dream! Anyone else experience this?

Did you dream that he finally popped the question? Or did you wake up anxious because you lost your ring, or tried to give it back? Find out the meaning behind your engagement ring dreams, according to dream deciphering specialists. They say our dreams are caused by subliminal emotions and experiences. There is no such thing as a random dream.

When you dream about getting married, the exact interpretation depends on your thoughts.

The other night I dreamed of going out with a stranger and to fall in love for the first time. Last night I dreamed of embarking on a love affair with an old school friend I have not seen for years. I saw in a dream a famous person with whom I mistook a promise of marriage.

Interpretation of a dream about engagement

Marital Proposal: This has to do with the presence of spirit spouse to establish spiritual marriage with you. When you dream and see an unknown man, you are into serious marital problem. It becomes worst when different men are coming to seek for your hand in marriage. If you allow this spirit to pollute your dream, the totality of your marital life will be polluted.

Being in a relationship with a guy who wants to seal the deal more than I do is making me question my feelings. I always knew my boyfriend was a bit old-school when it came to dating. Sometimes it seems like dating is way too results-oriented. At a certain age, you start going to a lot of weddings. I want to date more, but when this relationship is over, I really want to be on my own for a little while. Rebounds can be great , but part of what these dreams about weddings symbolize for me is that I need to take things a little more slowly.

Dreams About Getting Married – Meaning and Interpretation

Like with anything in life, relationships have stages. The healthiest and happiest of relationships thrive off of communication and the willingness to discuss every nook and cranny of your mind and heart. But even if you and your number one are incredibly open with one another, bringing up the, " Hey, should we put a ring on it? Psychologists weighed in on how to navigate this chat , so couples don't have to stress. You and your person have been together for so many years, you both lose count. As a licensed professional counselor specializing in couples therapy, Crystal Bradshaw explains, the concept itself comes with built-in vulnerability and the possibility of rejection. What if you don't see eye to eye?

married in dreams - a dream dictionary made from a comprehensive study of real to the dreamer having a conversation the night before with her boyfriend.

Dream interpretation wedding ceremony, marriage, proposal. If you are being proposed to in a dream or if you are getting married in a dream, it may symbolize a few things. Firstly, it might symbolize a wish of yours — especially if the person proposing to you or the person you are getting married to is someone you would like to form a more profound relationship with in real life.

What Do Dreams About Weddings Mean?

As such, the subject of romance and relationships will crop up in our thoughts from time to time. In fact, sometimes dreaming about getting engaged, married, or divorce has nothing to do with love and romance at all! So, that being the case it begs the question: How do we begin to interpret the literal or cryptic messages the Higher Mind is trying to deliver in our dreams about relationships?

Wedding dream symbolism is about new beginnings, changes and transitions. Not all wedding dreams are positive and can also reflect bitterness, sorrow, fear, or even death. More directly, the stress of planning a wedding can often bring about dreams about your wedding.

Weddings in dreams are pretty common symbols. Dreams about getting married are most often the dream subject of people who are about to get married soon, especially women expecting that day.

The act of proposing is not reserved only for men, and women do it as well, especially in recent days. Marriage proposals are a common dream subject. There are many reasons which can trigger such dreams. These dreams are often dreamed by people who are expecting the marriage proposal to come, or the ones that are hoping it will come.

Dreams about engagement usually have reverse interpretation. If something scared or upset you in this dream, the image can be a very favorable sign. If you were a guest at the engagement party , the dream promises your own marriage soon. If you saw a dream about your beloved man getting engaged with another woman , in reality he will make his final choice with you. The majority of dreambooks interpret your own engagement not very positively. The image seen in a dream predicts separation and the end of romance, this will happen suddenly and very soon. According to Ukrainian dreambook , a dream about your own engagement brings luck and success.


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