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Ava morgan stern

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Please let that be true. Also this entry might be a little short on screencaps. The last Windows update seriously screwed up everything on my computer — I mean, literally everything runs really slowly now, so taking a screencap, pausing the video, pasting the screencap in, and then writing is taking longer than normal.

I should do another system restore. I did one yesterday, so of course when I went to turn my computer off it just installed all the windows updates that made me do the system restore to get rid of them in the first place.

Riley thinks the idea of working AND going to school is preposterous. I think the idea of a 7th grader doing so is a little ridiculous, definitely. Cory butts in to be all sarcastic, because he works and goes to school.

Like, not even remotely the same thing. Teachers generally have to be at school earlier than the students. Cory asks who in the class knows about the Great Depression. He ends on mentioning The Forgotten, which Cory expands on.

The Forgotten were people who were basically really screwed over by the Great Depression, and got thrown aside and forgotten after they were used. Also Farkle has a really sweet dinosaur sweater on. Thanks, dad. For once I actually understand one of your lessons. At lunch, Riley and Maya discuss electives. Shop class was not what she was expecting, she says.

You have to put in a lot of butter, pepper, and garlic powder for it to taste like anything. The lunch lady says she made the blog herself. Do cafeteria workers at public schools actually make the food themselves? Cory is in line, buying the school lunch as well. I mean it had gravy in it alreayd, Maya just caused it to erupt.

Then the bell rings, signaling the end of lunch. Did they only give these kids 10 minutes for lunch? The four get up to leave, so Cory runs over. He calls over Jerrilyn, the lunchlady, and Janitor Harley. It feels more than a little contrived that he and Cory are both working at the same school, in the same city where another classmate from an entirely different state also lives.

Cory decides to just go ahead and assign them their electives — the girls are on cafeteria duty, the boys on janitorial. Riley and Maya say the other one is the cutest ever in their uniforms.

Jerrilyn gives them their assignment — peeling potatoes and putting them in the pot. They are not to do anything else. Oh, snap. She leaves, and Riley starts dutifully peeling potatoes.

Riley then knocks over some potato sacks by accident. He has a point. Elementary school, yes. I know the only time I ever threw up in school was in kindergarten, myself. I had carrots and Cheetos for lunch. So the vomit was orange.

Which, according to my mom, was of huge concern to me. Not that I barfed, but that it was orange. Some kid offscreen vomits, and Harley can tell who it is just from the sound. He also knows the vomiting kid has a speech in English today, and he sounds unprepared. Then some other kid walks by and tries to put his trash in the garbage can, but it falls out and he just keeps walking.

Farkle asks if that happens a lot. To be fair to that kid, that was one of those stupid trashcans where the lid swings in and out. Riley and Maya are taking a snooze on the couch. Topanga comes in and asks them to help with the groceries.

But they worked a whole 45 minutes! Oh boy. Riley tells her yes, Lucas and Farkle had to clean the school. Of course! Then they go back to sleep. Riley nervously says that the smiling faces of hungry students are payment enough.

Jerrilyn tells them today is the hard part. They have to scoop out lunch to the kids, and the really hard part is when the dishes come back, they have to quickly take them off the conveyor belt, scrape the food off, and wash the dishes, and then put them on another conveyor belt.

Farkle, Lucas, and Harley arrive. They did such a good job cleaning the school yesterday, that today was really easy. Jerrilyn tastes the mashed potatoes, for some reason, and yells at the girls.

All they had to do was peel the potatoes and put them in a pot! Later at home, Riley and Maya say Jerrilyn is really good at her job. Riley and Maya give a report on their lunchroom job. The four characters with names have come to respect their school staff people and the work they do. And hope everyone else will, too. At home, Riley has somehow realized that Topanga does a lot of work, and she thanks Topanga for all she does.

Harley calls him Baboon like in the old days and tells him to leave so he can clean the cafeteria. I give this episode a Not Bad out of For once the lesson of the episode actually had something to do with the history class lesson, but in this case it was more of an added bonus — I mean, Cory seemed to be trying to teach this lesson independently of the history class, it just happened that the two lessons were similar.

Excuse me while I play sad trombone music and vomit orange all over the cafeteria floor. I mean Michelle Tanner would be embarrassed at what an annoying, entitled little thing Ava is, and Auggie just… ugh. This episode it sounds like is supposed to have three segments focusing on one character each, and one of those is Auggie. Topanga asks Auggie where he got the coffin-shaped toybox. She tells him to come to dinner, and she means it!

Auggie then asks if we know what scares Farkle. A bat! Oh, you! So we cut to gym class. But Lucas, the tallest and obviously oldest guy in the class, is still pretty rude about gym. Then as he walks away she smacks him playfully. Anyway, Farkle strikes out twice, and the power goes out before he has to hit the ball again.

He starts taunting Maya but the power comes back on really quickly. So Lucas becomes the pitcher, and throws the ball really hard and hits Farkle with it. And wants Maya to throw the ball for real. From the sound effects it sounds like he actually hit the ball.

That was lame. It was boring to sit there and watch for 45 minutes, but better than getting hit in the face with a ball…. Are we expected to believe that a 5 year old knows about Alfred Hitchcock Presents? I wonder if that has anything to do with Maya being poor and her mother never being around since she has to work all the time. Probably not. Riley wants a post-trick-or-treat sleeopover so they can trade candy, and Maya suggests they have it at her house this time.

Maya introduces Riley to her ferret, Ginger, who was actually mentioned in a previous episode. So that works out. Who was just there for some reason. Maya relents and it turns out she does have a curtain. This time she screams, which gets Riley up, and Riley screams, and they go over and take the curtain down, and both scream at what they find.

And Lucas. They were passing by on their way home from trick or treating which is weird. What neighborhood do they live in?

Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Flaws - Review

Story Author Community Forum. Bio Fav: Stories. One summer when she's 11 years old Rose begins getting very close with her twenty year old summer swim camp counselor: Jackson, who is the only counselor who gives her attention.

The way both you talk about Boy Meets World and the fandom reminds me of something. Unlike other Nickelodeon or Disney shows it's more family-oriented than the simply-aimed-at-kids stuff. The reason why I bring it up is because there's one episode "See Dad Downsize" that touches on how people can have personal attachments to TV shows that creators might not anticipate.

Corpanga are the cutest married couple ever 2. Auggie and Ava are the real endgame 3. Riley and Maya are friendship goals 5. Zay and Smackle deserve the world 6. Waiting for Ski Lodge is worst thing ever.

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Considering Danielle Fishel Topanga is a regular director on Sydney to the Max, who would like to see more Girl Meets World stars reunite on this series? From the most recent episode. Who else liked seeing Max reunite with the first girl he ever liked from his childhood? Great episode of Sydney to the Max tonight! Donald and Daisy Duck are one of the oldest cartoon couples ever. Newest episode of Ducktales proved me wrong. This is so freaking sweet, cute, and romantic!

Ava and Topanga

Sign In. Edit Girl Meets World — Nigel 54 episodes, Jade Holden Clarissa 49 episodes, Darby Walker Yindra 35 episodes, Amir Mitchell-Townes

The only source of light is some that spills through the bay window behind the sofa. Auggie - dressed in his pyjamas - emerges from the stairwell and rubs his eyes.

Please let that be true. Also this entry might be a little short on screencaps. The last Windows update seriously screwed up everything on my computer — I mean, literally everything runs really slowly now, so taking a screencap, pausing the video, pasting the screencap in, and then writing is taking longer than normal.

Some Random Writer — Girl Meets World Reunion on Sydney to the Max

The protagonist, a neurotic everyman from suburban Philadelphia who grows from a young boy to a married man over the course of the series. Feeny's footsteps and become a history teacher—specifically, his daughter's history teacher. Cory's lifelong best friend, a Street Smart but Book Dumb kid from a broken home who grew up in a trailer park.

Girl Meets World continues to impress with episodes that address real-world issues. This week's "Girl Meets Flaws" was easily the show's loftiest undertaking, as it tackled bullying and the effect that has on both the victim and the bully. While this storyline probably bit off more than it could chew in 22 minutes, it was still an admirable attempt and brought up some very good points about a sensitive issue. In truth, the execution of "Girl Meets Flaws" was kind of all over the map. The initial answering machine in place of Farkle was pretty hokey, especially the fact that Cory was so willing to go along with it. In that sense, the storyline was strong, as it alluded to Harley's past with Cory and their eventual reconciliation.


It aired on July 18, to 2. Riley becomes jealous when another girl starts flirting with Lucas , so she enlists Maya and Farkle 's help to learn how to flirt. Topanga invites Auggie 's new girlfriend over. Cory teaches the kids about Pearl Harbor. Cory and Auggie come out of the bathroom with shaving cream on their faces, Auggie copying Cory. They both kiss Topanga, getting shaving cream all over her face, despite her about to go to work. Riley then comes out of her room happy, saying she has her life figured out.

Official Facebook, Girl Meets World. Girl Meets World is a sitcom that airs on Disney Channel. The series, which is the Ava Kolker · Ava Morganstern, *, *, *.

I truly think this is my favorite edit ever of avakolker ava avakolker kolker avamorganstern girlmeetsworld girlmeetsworldedit sydneytothemax edit edits multifandom fandom lfl cfc fff likeforlike followforfollow disney disneychannel disneychanneledit. Go try it and tag avakolker on TikTok avakolker avakolkeredit eventually kolker ava videostar multifandom fandom girlmeetsworld sydneytothemax olive avamorganstern auggie disneychannel disney. So it has a story line. I could use videos of her on the shows she has been on.

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