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Find escape man 171

Have 9 escape men. Shells next to fire is hint for the fish. Tbale is hint for the big clam. Can't find the 10th :.

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Find The Escape-Men 171: Ancient Pit Dwelling

JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. You seem to have fallen underground! You know, as one does. In Find the Escape-Men Ancient Pit Dwelling , if you want to escape this place, you'll have to solve some puzzles, but also find the ten "escape men" sneakily hiding throughout the area.

To play, just click to interact and explore, but the cursor won't change to show you where anything you might click on is, so be sure to be diligent and sift through everything. Click on the question mark below an item you're carrying to view it up close, which may let you fiddle with it more, or even combine two items.

Ancient Pit Dwelling is a little pixel-hunty, but like all no1games, it's fun and weird and whimsical in all the right ways for a break-sized escape game. I'ts been a while since the Escape-Men made an appearance. For some reason, the pixel-hunt on one of these games doesn't bother me like it can for something else.

I have played all in this series, and it was a blast. I've been missing these little green guys, and can't wait to give this a try. Oh, and said clue isn't on a table, although WillYum is not alone in calling it that. The other comments were on other sites. Any hints on where the 10th EM is? I'm assuming it has to do with the fish. Maybe, I'm just a little out of practice played the whole Escapemen series, too :D , but I'm still missing the last escapeman Leave a comment [ top of page ].

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Play This! By Dora March 18, Add to Favorites. Currently 3. Platform: Flash Categories: browser , escape , flash , free , game , no1game , playthis , pointandclick , puzzle , rating-g. Comments 19 Views 14, Missing an escape man? Thanks No 1 Game!! Stuck with 9 men now, and have used every item except the clam.

I am at the same place as Lynne. Nine green men and just the unused clam. The power of posting!!! Hint about the last green man. If you still have the Look closely at them. Do they jiggle? Where is the clue for this then? I used the table, but it didn't work. And then it did? Very strange. The clue for the clam should be read bottom to top, for some reason.

It doesn't have legs, which you can see when you pick up the rock from behind it. The reason is a certain object nearby that looks somewhat arrow-like. I'm stuck with 9 EM, and I've used all of my items. I thought the knots in the board were clues for the hanging fish, not the clam. And, of course, as soon as I post I find the tiny pixel that moves the fish UP the string. I never would have found the grey spot by the door! Alright, why are the clams on the fire.

So after reading WillYum's clue about the clams and that if you look closely at them they will jiggle,. Any clue about what to do with the acorn? I'm missing something obvious apparently!

POP nevermind :. I'm still stuck clicking the clams and all around them but still no jiggling. Email Address. Remember personal info?

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Find the Escape-Men 171: Ancient Pit Dwelling

I'm not getting the fish right. I think the hint is Spoiler: on the table right from the spear, either d-u-d-u-u-d or visa versa but I've tried both options and nothing happens. Got 7 men and my clams left.

JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. You seem to have fallen underground!

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No1game and those little green men are back, but what's this? You seem to have fallen underground! You know, as one does. In Find the Escape-Men








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