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Love between virgo woman and gemini man

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Gemini and Virgo compatibility makes forming a friendship and falling in love a breeze. The draw this couple feels stems from the fact they share the same ruling planet. With Mercury at the helm, Gemini and Virgo are a chatty and intimate duo both in and out of bed. Gemini and Virgo turn each other on via the mind first, and the heart second. Both parties in this passionate and amorous love affair find comfort in learning.


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Gemini man and Virgo woman

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Email address:. The Gemini man and the Virgo woman will fascinate each other. They will always have things to discuss and they will talk for hours on end. These two view life in pretty much the same way, and like to analyze and observe people. Intelligent and charming, they will talk a lot about what is surrounding them. They both filter the information through reason and not emotions. What will make the Gemini man and the Virgo woman attracted to one another is their intelligence.

While they will have a closer look at one another, they will notice they approach life the same way and that they would be great as a couple. And this only means these two can talk forever without getting bored. What will bring them together is their curiosity. Virgos are known as reserved and slaves to the rules, but with the Geminis, they can have some fun and be more carefree.

He will adore her for being so serious, affectionate and tactful. Her mysterious ways and chaste attitude will make him incredibly curious. She will think of him as a charmer who wants to conquer everyone and everything. Because they are both intellectuals, they will probably start as being good friends.

Only after they will know each other better, will the passion start to come to the surface. She will be able to lead in bed without being bothered.

This can bother her greatly. He can take his role as a man in bed as soon as she has finished being the domineering partner; he is, after all, a gentleman. When they are on their first dates, the Virgo woman and the Gemini man will struggle to impress each other. She will seem uninterested but optimistic, he will talk a lot and be cheerful. He will want to flirt with as many ladies as possible, being bored of the over-controlling Virgo who only thinks of rules and principles.

Life with a woman in this sign can be a lot like army: discipline, routine and responsibilities. And he runs away from all this. The Virgo woman wants to be in control if everything. If they are already together, she will decide how he dresses and where they wish to spend their next vacation. Geminis are known for not being reliable or punctual. And Virgos are the most organized signs in the zodiac. But no matter how different they may be, these two have many things to learn from each other.

Governed by Mercury, the Gemini man is all about communication and openness. Energetic and fun, he would be a great salesman. Virgos are not that talkative and always reserved. They also have Mercury in their chart, but they are using it for criticizing and only in private. The Virgo woman will want everything to be perfect, so she will try to change and make people around her more to her taste.

The Gemini man is one of the signs that tolerates all the nagging the Virgo can do. If he thinks she is right, he will make a change and she will simply love him for this.

The Gemini man and the Virgo woman can communicate very efficiently, because they are both ruled by Mercury. None of them has a big ego, but they both want to be right. They are mutable signs, which means they adapt fast to change. But their relationship can turn into something difficult when they decide to make it more serious.

But she will want to improve everything, and the Gemini man may not like it. Their relationship can take two separate roads. In one scenario, they will both be introverted and spend all their time studying.

In the second one, they will be the opposite of the first, being open and making friends everywhere. It will all work well between them if they are on the same page. If somehow things are the other way around and a friendly Gemini falls for a very serious Virgo, many disagreements and clashes may occur between them.

He always uses logic and never his heart. He wants a woman who allows him to be free and lives at his pace. Graceful, reserved and beautiful, the Virgo woman will have many admirers. The Virgo woman is not as detached as the Gemini man sees her when they meet. If they wish to be together, these two have to make serious adjustments to their behavior.

Being spontaneous and fun is what should make this relationship work. These two will be tested the most when they are out in the world, surrounded by other people. He may have too many friends for her to feel comfortable. Not to mention that insecurity can cause her to be jealous and possessive. When they are at home, they will most likely fight on how they are spending their money and how to raise their children.

And trying too hard may cause their personalities to change too much, which is not at all a good thing. Denise is an experienced practitioner of astrology, interested to discover and share with everyone how astrology can inspire and change lives.

She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. Menu i. Search Search for: Search. Search for: Search.

Virgo Woman Gemini Man

A match between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman can be somewhat contradictory as they both are entirely different personalities. The Virgo woman is quite sensible and stable and the Gemini man is unstable, funny and always living in a dream world. But if in a relationship, their difference of natures can actually complement each other and enhance each other's characteristics. A Gemini man is a very intelligent man who is very curious and inquisitive about anything around him.

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Gemini and Virgo compatibility article on this relationship first.

Donna Roberts. Is Virgo woman Gemini man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Virgo woman is solid and stable, while the Gemini man is carefree and flighty. If they get together, it will take work to maintain the calm and not create a storm.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. It was not really a happy question to ask him; it was like an examination paper that asks grammar, when what you want to be asked is Kings of England. This is not a love affair that will automatically be draped in clouds of rainbows and blankets of flowers, for these two face the severe test of the Sun Sign Pattern influence, with both its trials and its benefits, each of which can be considerable. They have a rather rough romantic row to hoe. It could begin with quarrels about whether the crop they plant should be roses or veggies. Obviously, veggies make more sense. She is a Virgo, concerned over possible world famine, termites in the attic, inflation — and the missing button from his shirt. Veggies are clearly the answer. Not to the shirt or the termites perhaps, but to inflation and the specter of starvation. What can you do with a rose, when the wolf is pounding on the door?

A Gemini Man With Virgo Woman, Is This A Good Match?

Gemini and Virgo have a good deal in common — both signs are ruled by Mercury, the communicator , and both signs are mutable, giving both of these partners a flexible, adaptable approach to life. How does that translate into Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility? Shared Mercurial Nature. For the Gemini man and Virgo woman, the relationship may well start as a friendship, since these two signs have more in common on an intellectual level than a passionate one. Once they get to know each other, however, passion does begin to emerge.

A Gemini man and Virgo woman are a surprisingly good match by zodiac sign.

Email address:. The Gemini man and the Virgo woman will fascinate each other. They will always have things to discuss and they will talk for hours on end.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Are you a Virgo woman interested in winning over a Gemini man? It may be your lucky day! These two are a bit of a cerebral connection. They are both witty and charming so the Gemini man finds himself drawn to the mystique and curiosity he feels around the Virgo woman.

A lady-killer Gemini man will be able to "hook" the increased interest of the Virgo woman to his way of life. Virgo considers Gemini as an interesting, explosive, restless man. Later, Virgo can embarrass and cause the inconstancy of such a man. Although for him, it can turn out to be too predictable, to lose its mystery. The Woman-Virgo, as the representative of the elements of the Earth, stands firmly on her feet, but in her soul gravitates towards everything magical and incomprehensible. The relationship between a man Gemini and a Virgo woman, for many is nonsense.

Gemini Man And Virgo Woman: Love & Relationship Compatibility

We are talking about a combination of two zodiac signs ruled by the same planet. This Gemini man and Libra woman compatibility may have its own advantages and disadvantages, according to how they take their relation. Both the male Gemini and the female Virgo is ruled by the plant of Mercury. This planet is also known as the Messenger of Gods, which signifies effective communication in their day to day lives. It is also associated to expressing one's ideas, opinions and thoughts. The element of Air makes the Gemini man intellectual, indulges him into clever thinking and makes him reason with hypothetical situations. The element of Earth makes the Virgo woman sensible, very reliable and also makes her a down to Earth individual.

The relationship between a man Gemini and a Virgo woman, for many is nonsense. There is no mutual passion, understanding, common interests and views. Stars.

The Virgo woman really needs to go with her gut instincts about a secret that she is holding in. Entrust the Gemini man with the information, especially if it is good news that impacts you both, but otherwise don't confide widely. For the Gemini man relationship may be winding down and an ending in the works no matter what you say or do. It could be that you have learned all you can from a mentor figure. Show gratitude before moving on to a new source of learning.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Trusted Psychic Mediums. As such, avoiding hurt in this relationship is high on the agenda of them both, but the reality is sometimes a little more harsh. Part of doing so means unravelling their symbolism and personalities.


Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, not a very sexual planet at first glance. However, this affects them in different ways, for Gemini is a masculine sign, always ready to explore, while Virgo is a feminine sign, shy and sensitive. Their sexual relationship is hardly promising, but they both have the need to communicate. If they find a language they both understand, they might agree on the way their sexual life is to progress.

If you want to know more about how compatible you are with the person you are interested in, you only need to find out her horoscope sign, to begin with.




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