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Skyrim special edition find the redguard woman

The Dragonborn encounters some Alik'r warriors in search of a Redguard woman. They must choose whether to believe the warriors, and return the woman to custody, or trust the fugitive, and kill her pursuers. Either option offers a decent monetary reward. At any time after starting the main quest " Dragon Rising ," the Dragonborn will encounter Alik'r Warriors on the roads of Skyrim or at the entrance to Whiterun, arguing with the town guard for entry to the city. When asked, they will explain that they are searching for a Redguard woman , who is a refugee from Hammerfell.

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In My Time of Need: Kematu or Saadia? (possible spoilers)

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Step 1. Get approached by Alik'r warriors speaking of a Redguard woman, and agree to help them find her.

Step 2. Go to the Bannered Mare and speak to Saadia. Inform her of the Alik'r and agree to help her. Step 3. Go to the dungeon and talk to the captured Alik'r warrior, pay his fine, and learn of Kematu's location at Swindler's Den.

Step 4. Go to Swindler's Den and kick some bandit hide, but spare Kematu and his men. Step 5. Listen to Kematu and agree to his plan to lure Saadia. Step 6. Convince Saadia to meet you by the Whiterun Stables, where she and Kematu will meet. Make sure this is done in the dead of the night. Step 7a. Let Kematu paralyze Saadia, collect your reward from him, and then kill both him and Saadia. Step 7b. Kill Kematu right then and there, collect your reward from Saadia, and then kill her. This way, there is no question of "Who is the Thalmor Agent?

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 comments. Haha noice. Reminds me of the Dark Brotherhood assassination ending. Where your victim asks you to kill the one who ask you to kill him as a favour.

Really neat stuff. Still, I sided with Kematu most of the time because there is one playthrough where I am a Thalmor Justiciar because Saa'dia's story doesn't add up. Hammerfell citizens all despise the Thalmor but she runs because she spoke out against the Aldmeri Dominion? Hammerfell too has kicked pointy-eared booties out of their home last I checked so Saa'dia is more likely the liar. Just my 2 cents. There is no way of knowing, and since I refuse to kill someone without some sort of proof apart from when I do the DB quests, because I want the Ancient Assassin's armour set I leave her alone.

Hyen says her story doesn't add up, and it doesn't. But when I talked to Kematu parts of his story don't add up either, I can't remember what exactly but it did sound like a cover up on their part as well. Which brings me back to never knowing who is telling the truth. Also be level 10 or higher to get good loot from both. They can have gems worth good amount of money. I am pretty sure that it is just a petty disagreement, and both sides are only pretending the Thalmor are involved as a way of making it seem more important to others than it actually is.

Last edited by MysticMalevolence ; 15 Oct, am. Originally posted by Dylan the Cartographer :. The best way to complete it involves Amorous Adventures inserted into that to-do list. Lots of things could get people executed. Look at Roggvir. Neither side makes sense from a Thalmor involvement perspective because the Second Treaty of Stros M'Kai was signed 20 years prior to the events of Skyrim.

The time the city in question would have fallen was a whole 29 years prior to the events of Skyrim. Now it is not the easiest to tell the age of a standardized body mesh and skin texture with some facegen tweaking, but Saadia seems to be quite younger than Hulda with her habit of calling her 'mum'.

Thus I highly doubt that Saadia is in her late 40s early 50s. Any earlier than that, and Saadia would have literally been a child at the time she 'sold out' the city. Plus, Kematu says "the resistance is alive and well in Hammerfell". This is factually untrue, as the treaty forced the Thalmor to withdraw their occupation, and it really doesn't make sense for the resisyance to send to many elite soldiers on a manhunt in Skyrim if they are still actively clashing with the enemy.

It doesn't even make sense that the Thalmor would be hiring the Alik'r if they already have hundreds of agents in Skyrim. Thus I propose that either the quest was written before the lore was finalized and hence makes no sense, or the conflict in question really has nothing to do with the Thalmor and each side is just hoping you're ignorant enough about history and linear time to help them rather than the other.

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In My Time of Need

Reward : written by Blackdove86 , not checked. After Irileth informs the jarl about the dragon attacking the Western Watchtower during Dragon Rising , you may come across guards looking for a Redguard woman in the city. You may also observe an argument between Whiterun guards and Alik'r Warriors regarding their presence in the hold, or you may find Alik'r Warriors interrogating Redguard women in the Skyrim wilderness.

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You will receive Gold if you choose to kill Kematu. Sometime after you speak with the Jarl, a pair of Alik'r warriors stand just at the entrance to Whiterun and beckon you over. Alternatively, you can start this quest by finding them elsewhere and approaching them as they are harrassing a Redguard woman They commission you to help them locate a Redguard woman hiding somewhere in Whiterun. They're willing to pay for any information you can find about this woman.

Anyone else having "In my time of need"(find redguard woman) quest bugged?

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Skyrim:In My Time Of Need

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Swiftly approaching its seventh anniversary, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still stands as one of the most influential open world RPGs ever to see release. That said, there are tons of things to do and quests to complete, which may not be apparent to some players — some great, some pretty mediocre. To begin the quest, players must come across a man named Dervenin in Solitude who will entreat the Dragonborn to find his missing master.

The initial part of this mission consists in finding Saadia. After that, you may choose how you want to behave towards the woman - help her or continue the quest and turn her over to Redguards. If you have completed the Dragon Rising main quest, upon heading Whiterun you should come across a couple Redguards wanting to get inside the city. The guards won't be willing to let them in, so the Nomads will have to turn back. Speak to them to learn that their clan Alik'r is searching for a Redguard woman who hiding inside the city.

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Hey guys I'm going to you how to find the Redguard woman for the quest show various options that can be Jan 18, - Uploaded by gamingarcadiaHD.








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