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Virgo man aquarius woman marriage compatibility

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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological love compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years. It may seem hard to believe, but two of the most independent, satisfied-with-the-single-life zodiac signs—Aquarius and Virgo—can make for a kismet match. You have the rebellious, off-beat, and authentic Aquarius paired with the hard-working, perfectionistic, and diligent Virgo. It's a water bearer meeting a virgin.


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Planetary Movements. Virgo and Aquarius are two extremely different personalities. One finds happiness in bringing order out of chaotic situation Virgo and the other likes to bring chaos in perfectly ordered situations. In simple terms, Zodiac Compatibility Virgo-Aquarius is a challenge.

But the other side of the story of Virgo-Aquarius Relationship Compatibility is they both fascinate each other immensely. Uranus-ruled Aquarius is a humanitarian individual while Virgo is the sign of community service and this can be a starting point of a strong Virgo-Aquarius Relationship Compatibility. You both feel strongly about humanitarian goals and together want to make this world a better place to be.

Being an Air sign, Aquarius will come up with exciting, innovative and creative ideas and Virgo, being the Earth sign will chalk out a solid plan to make these ideas a reality. Together they make amazing friends and business partners. Aquarius is a fun-loving sign who does not take any one or anything seriously including themselves which always serious and worrying Virgo finds quite fascinating.

Similarly, Virgos are the most ordered individuals one can come across; they do everything with a distinct precision and keep everything around them exceedingly in order which interests a usually absent-minded Aquarius. They do not get together instantly but to bring them together requires certain efforts but once they are together there is never a dull moment in Virgo-Aquarius Love Compatibility. Aquarius is the sign of change while Virgo wants to stay at the same place as it is an earth sign.

The Water Bearer has got the gift of the gab while Virgo talks seldom and believes in action speaking louder than words. They both work at different speeds and have different perceptions about managing things.

For Virgo-Aquarius Marriage Compatibility to work, they both should play their strengths Money is one area where they both somewhere share a similar viewpoint.

They both like spending their money carefully, Virgo being more careful than Aquarius. When Virgo's clear thoughts and cleverness meets the innovative and genius approach of an Aquarius, we get a Virgo-Aquarius Relationship Compatibility that is uniquely magical. The Healers of the Zodiac, Virgo finds a different kind of bliss in serving others.

They possess a keen desire to work for the wellbeing of others. Symbolized by the Virgin, this zodiac gets the traits of purity, methodical organization and truth. They are perfectionist to the word and tend to notice any flaw or discrepancy, be it in a thing or in an individual. Whether it is the work ethic or their attire or the way they live their life, Virgo in every sense epitomizes flawlessness to the point of being critical. The Virgin is so into micromanaging its life that every now and then it requires some lone time to spend.

Ruled by Mercury, some Virgos exhibit an endearing charm, wit and energy. This planet renders the ability to Virgo to perform every task with an unprecedented perfection and precision. You can depend entirely on your Virgo friend as they would leave no stone unturned in helping you.

They are dependable, sincere and hardworking individuals with little or no time for frivolous things such as laziness and extravagance. They never own any illusions when it comes to life and the people in their life.

Individuals of this Zodiac Sign are highly gentle, loving and sophisticated folks and seeing them all cranky and annoyed is a rare sight.

A Virgo would offer you as much help as they can but they sure know how to say No when demands of others exceed beyond a reason. Also, as they are critical of others and their flaws but Virgo openly resents anyone taking out their flaws and criticizing them. This is the reason they are often termed as selfish.

When it comes to love and relationship, do not expect a storybook kind of a romance from Virgo. They are extremely practical and their only way of showing love is utmost devotion.

Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius are mysterious people who can at times get real tough to understand. Friendship and teamwork is what this Zodiac sign represents. Being the Water Bearer, Aquarius possess an innovative energy which they tend to apply on all things in life.

They want to explore the world in its minutest form be it learning electronic music or experiencing living on the edge. They are most courteous and soft spoken people you would ever come in contact with. They love to defy the usual public opinion in the most unconventional and unpredictable manner. Aquarius are the most quirkiest signs among all; they do not conform with the usual standards and wear the weirdest and most unusual attires.

It is the sign that has the ability to bring groups of people together for a social cause or any agenda. Aquarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac and contemplates reality to the core and beyond. For them, learning is a continuous process and this is what life's about. A true Aquarius will always have a mysterious vibe around them. It is quite difficult to penetrate the mysterious and magical knowledge of this Air sign.

They love their freedom and like keeping things a little casual. Aquarius are free-spirited souls and cannot focus their energy on just one individual. It can make the otherwise buoyant and cheerful Aquarius go a little off balance. This Water Bearing sign is a nomad to the word and this behavior of theirs can at times backfire and compel them to lead a life of loneliness. They have the habit of over thinking way too much with unsettling anger issues. They get easily bored by repetition and crave for adventure.

When it comes to romantic relationships with an Aquarius, friendship is the key. They find it really hard to commit to a person, but once they do, this Water Sign is a devoted and loyal partner. Virgo Male and Aquarius Female Marriage Compatibility is slightly complicated as both of these individuals are not that intensely marriage-minded. They take a little longer time than the rest and weigh all the circumstances and decisions before taking the plunge. But, their concepts about marriage are somewhat different.

While Aquarius woman is looking for the right person and once she finds him, she would not take much time to get married. Virgo man, on the other hand, is somewhat a loner and marriage is the last thing he would ever want to get into. Virgo Man Compatibility With Aquarius Woman can never be a relationship of a lifetime until and unless there is true deep love between them.

Virgo man, if plans to get married, would want a stable life of domestic bliss and Aquarius woman being a completely different person than Virgo's imagination will never settle down for this. Virgo Man Aquarius Woman Relationship Compatibility will be a constant conflict between routine and freedom.

Virgo man wants order and is quite particular about details of everything around him which a freedom loving Aquarius woman can find frustrating. So, it is an entirely mismatched pair with the only chance of being successful if there is true love between them. Virgo Female and Aquarius Male Marriage Compatibility contains all the ingredients of success provided they work for it.

She will bring order in his haphazard life along with being an amazing career woman and an equally amazing mother. Virgo Woman Aquarius Man Love Compatibility found its way because Virgo woman saw the depth behind his quirky thoughts and somewhere wanted to be a part in his chase of these beautiful ideas and Aquarius man fell for the way she understands the practicality of his approach and thoughts.

They both are dreamers regardless of their habits, behaviors and mental capacities and to ensure the longevity of this relationship, they would have to keep their dreams alive. Virgo Female and Aquarius Male Marriage Compatibility is based on a strong friendship between the two.

But like every other relationship, they have their problems, as well. Virgo woman has an obsession for rules and details and Aquarius man is all about breaking the rules and details never mattered to him.

The woman worries about his casual disregard and he simply laughs off her concerns which can widen the gap between them and such situations can cause frustration in their routine life.

Besides such minor issues, both the partners are kind and caring and will make sure that they do not hurt each other. Aquarius and Virgo are two peculiar signs of the Zodiac with each being a little aloof and emotionally detached from the world.

Virgo-Aquarius Romantic Compatibility is a relationship that is worth exploring and discovering as these two signs are usually about themselves.

Virgo is a pre-planner and would never want to venture out of their comfort zone and Aquarius loves new and random experiences and their life is all about going out of the comfort zone. Their shared love for the society and its issues and their quest of making the world a better place can only give way to strong Virgo-Aquarius Love Compatibility. Virgo-Aquarius Sexual Compatibility is an experiment of its kind. The sexual dimension in their relationship is quite rewarding and fulfilling as one is about an earthly sensuality and another is about some airy experiments.

Aquarius has an airy detachment to physical connection which can blend quite smoothly with Virgo's cool approach towards physical intimacy. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website Learn more. Login Ask An Astrologer. Ask Now. Forgot your Password? Log In. Western Birth Chart. Kundali Matching. Ask An Astrologer. Raj Yog. Puja Room Solutions. Personalized Predictions. Month Panchang. Day Panchang. Gowri Panchangam.

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Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Long-Term Compatibility

You have definitely heard about horoscope, astrology and zodiac for hundreds of times. Do you actually know what these terms are about and what is their meaning? Astrology is, simply put, the science of stars. More recently, it is claimed as a pseudoscience, but once upon a time it was a part of astronomy.

The Virgo and Aquarius born are those who are natural humanitarians. They love helping others and being of service to humanity.

This zodiac combination can be quite an unusual pair, where the madness and chaos of the Aquarius meets the orderly nature of a Virgo. Here, we provide an analysis of the Virgo and Aquarius love compatibility, and a detailed overview of the characteristics of both these zodiac signs. These are the questions that we ask ourselves when we meet that someone special. Compatibility is very important, especially if you need to sustain the relationship in the long run. Checking astrological compatibility can help decipher if the person is compatible with you or not.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. He tried to argue with Tink. One thing is fairly certain though few other things are with these two. The rule seldom applies so frequently to all Sun Sign Patterns as to this one, due to the peculiarities of their natures. No way. Not so Virgo and Aquarius. Virgos will cut emotional ties which make them uncomfortable at best if they begin to ravel into nothingness.

virgo and aquarius Love Compatibility

Planetary Movements. Virgo and Aquarius are two extremely different personalities. One finds happiness in bringing order out of chaotic situation Virgo and the other likes to bring chaos in perfectly ordered situations. In simple terms, Zodiac Compatibility Virgo-Aquarius is a challenge. But the other side of the story of Virgo-Aquarius Relationship Compatibility is they both fascinate each other immensely.

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Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Virgo and Aquarius compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Virgo man guide and Aquarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

As a couple, you have some weighty decisions to make in terms of purchases or investments. You may find you are not completely of the same mind about budgeting. It would be better to discovery it before you make a commitment so talk it through fully. Consult with experts to avoid being a victim of theft or deception.

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The combination of a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman is essentially one that boasts of opposites attract. Their relationship could be quite typical as both are very different from each other. Their relationship can thrive only if they both love each other deeply and try to understand each other's needs. While an Aquarius woman sees opportunities, has visions and creates possibilities, the Virgo man is more concerned about making the relationship work. Though on a mental level they have a lot in common, but in regard to their physical needs and worldly aspects, they are too different from one another.

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility: Why Is This a Powerful Match?

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match?

Jump to Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility - Aquarius woman and the Virgo man: Do fidelity, and eventual marriage are on his list.

Virgo man and Aquarius woman are unlikely to make a good love match. Sorry to put that so bluntly, but it's true. Mind, if they've got brilliant complementary aspects in their respective natal charts, this could be a great relationship. But if they do not, there are bound to be some very big hurdles these two will need to get past from the very beginning.

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

This is in no way an easy sexual relationship and unless some strong support is provided by their natal charts, Virgo and Aquarius will rarely be attracted to each other enough to start a sexual relationship at all. Their natures find it very hard to support each other, they are both intellectual but in a completely different way, and they will probably ruin any chance of a good sexual relationship by overthinking everything, each of them in their own direction. They are rational when it comes to sex, and yet spontaneous?

Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

One of the methods for determining whether signs are compatible with each other is to look at their geometric relationship on the wheel of the zodiac. These geometric relationships are known as major aspects. There are some major aspects between signs that are harmonious and some that are stressful. There are also signs that do not have any major aspect at all.

Erica Garvin.

The Virgo man and the Aquarius woman can go a great deal of good together, especially in a charitable or humanitarian sense — which is all very well, but what about the romance? Can this earth sign and air sign ever learn to see eye to eye? Hard To Pin Down. For the Virgo man, who seeks a stable, reliable partner, the Aquarius woman sends out all the wrong signals.

Virgo man and Aquarius woman


Relationship Compatibility Between a Virgo Man and an Aquarius Woman


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