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What a sagittarius man wants in a relationship

What a Sagittarius man wants in a woman is a complex issue because the archer has a multi-layered personality that's often masked by his positive, easy-going attitude. However, this star sign is definitely discerning and can see all the way into a woman's soul. A woman must understand this man won't tell her he's jealous or upset; he'll keep it inside. He will share his positive emotions , but he'll hide feelings he deems negative or unworthy. There are many paths to a Sagittarian's heart. He wants a companion on every level and seeks his ideal of a true soul mate.

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Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Sagittarius Man

Whether he is trying to get to know you better or you are learning more about the person he is, a relationship with a Sagittarius man is always interesting. The Sagittarius personality might be a little too much for you to handle at first, but one thing is for sure: Sagittarius men never shy away from their emotions. They can get along with certain zodiac signs better than others looking at you, Leo and Aries , but even if your sign doesn't seem like it will be compatible with his sign, here are some truths you can always count on when you're in love with a Sagittarius man.

What makes a Sagittarius man such a great partner is their ability to always find something new and exciting to do. The minute a Sagittarius feels like they are stuck in a routine, they are out of there faster than you can ask them what's wrong. If you are just as open and willing to try something new as he is, you will have a very long relationship with your Sagittarius man.

A Sagittarius loves change. It is hard for them to thrive when they know something better is right around the corner, so don't be surprised if it feels like they are always looking ahead instead of appreciating what they have right now. It's not that they don't love what's going on in the present, it's just that they know the future is going to be just as awesome, so they try to stay as optimistic as possible.

Sagittarius men are all about being free. If they feel like they are being tied down to something like a relationship or a place , they will undoubtedly try to get out of it. If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius man, it is important for you to understand that he will need some space every now and then to do whatever he wants; he'll always come back to you!

If you have problems making decisions, you'll have a hard time connecting with each other. Sagittarius men and women are alike in that they can be very impatient. They tend to know what they want and if they don't, they are more than happy to be spontaneous , but when their significant other is picky or indecisive, it can drive them up a wall. A Sagittarius loves to travel, but don't let that confuse you.

They don't always have to jump on a plane to enjoy somewhere new. In fact, taking a long hike or spending a day at the beach can be exactly what they're looking for. Surprise your Sagittarius man with a long weekend getaway or a picnic for the two of you somewhere secluded; he'll see that you appreciate his love for freedom and being outdoors. While we can agree that being curious and spontaneous can be a good thing, sometimes not looking at the bigger picture can get a Sagittarius into big trouble.

Your Sagittarius man might agree with you just to get the conversation over with without really caring what the conversation was about in the first place big mistake. Your best bet is to let them know that you want to be open with them and they'll make more of an effort to listen. Sagittarius men love being generous; in bed, with friends and family, anytime really!

They tend to look for little ways to make you happy without expecting anything in return. All they ask is that you make them feel like they are worth just as much to you as they are to them.

Some signs love feeling needed all the time, but not Sagittarius men. Clingy partners make them feel like they can't be on their own or are confined to a relationship. That's why some signs are better at anticipating what Sagittarius men want because they have the same traits; understanding when to give your man some space and when to smother them with love is very important to a Sagittarius.

The word "serious" is like kryptonite to a Sagittarius man. If you are going to tell a Sagittarius to take things more seriously, you might as well tell them to completely change their personality. If you know a Sagittarius, then you know what a great sense of humor they have. They can find the funny in nearly any situation and they know how to take a joke.

It can feel like your man is poking fun at you sometimes, but he is only doing it to get closer to you. Being idealistic isn't always a bad thing. When we think of people who are idealistic, it usually means we think their heads are always in the clouds, when that's simply not true.

Similar to being optimistic, your Sagittarius guy is a visionary who sees the world for what it could be instead of what it is currently. It might get him into trouble sometimes, but you can't blame the guy for having a better outlook on life, right? Take some of these truths with a grain of salt- not every Sagittarius man will be the same. That said, however, if your guy is a Sag, he will definitely appreciate you taking the time to get to know his quirks and personality a little bit better!

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Traits Of The Sagittarius Man In Love: From Adventurous To Dependable

The Sagittarius male is the kind of guy that will drive you crazy! One thing is for sure, your Sagittarius man is going to keep you guessing! Especially about the status of your relationship!

Are relationships with Sagittarius men really worth pursuing? You bet they are, but they're not the best match for shrinking violets. You need to be a strong character in your own right to hold your own with the Archer.

Email address:. The Sagittarius man is always on the move, prepared for a new adventure. He will keep sending you texts and calling, hoping he will save something from the relationship. With this guy, you must be ready to step into the unknown every day.

Sagittarius Men and Relationships

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10 Brutal Truths About Loving A Sagittarius Man

Talk about doing things the hard way. If you want to be free, stay single, right? Sagittarius is the sign of the gambler. The odds and the gods tend to favor him.

Whether he is trying to get to know you better or you are learning more about the person he is, a relationship with a Sagittarius man is always interesting.

If so, this article is just what you need. It reveals the 7 telling signs that a Sagittarius is falling in love. Thankfully, I was able to turn this around - and it all started when I learned about a powerful aspect of male psychology. Naturally, he tends to develop pretty intense feelings towards the woman who can make him feel this way.

The Love Traits of the Sagittarius Man

When it comes to this sign, another Sagittarius is the best choice in partner! Another great match for Sagittarius is Aquarius. Both of you have unique perspectives on the world that are completely your own, which you both love to have friendly debates over.


What a Sagittarius Man Looks for in a Woman


The Sagittarius man's vision of love is an interesting paradox: he wants a mate who makes him This man must sow his oats before settling into a relationship.


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