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As a writer, I have a keen interest in names. And, as someone who was born with a very exotic and very-difficult-for-Americans-to-pronounce name, I don't want to see children subjected to unnecessary ridicule over something that could have easily been avoided. I've made a number of baby name lists over the years, and today, I'm adding Russian baby names to the mix. I live in a Slavic country and am very familiar with most of these names firsthand, whether they be the names of immigrants like myself, or if they've been altered to fit the local dialect a bit. I've included both Russian baby girl Names and Russian baby boy names. Please note, these are simply my own personal favorites and not necessarily representative of statistics.

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Russian Names for Girls

A fairy tale with a beautiful name. A romantic and dreamy story they wove together and prayed for it to come true. Mommies and daddies spend many hours browsing the net and many more days discussing the same before they finalize a perfect name for their bundle of joy.

Traditions, beliefs, family, culture, faith, history and many more parameters play an important part in finding the right name, a name with a beautiful meaning that could shape the destiny of your baby. Russian baby names have a special zing in their pronunciation. They sound sweet and exotic at the same time. They are popular not just in Russia but across the world. From classic Russian names like Anastasia to more meaningful names like Natalie, cute names like Katya to unique names like Ninotchka.

Take your pick. The list contains everything from traditional and old names to trendy and unique names. Dwell deep into their origin, meaning, and history of each name and find a suitable title for the fairytale that the stork will deliver at your doorstep.

Perfect name for your adorable warrior princess who might end up saving the world. Anastasia will never go out of fashion. Anna will make a lovely nick name for your darling daughter. Popular celebrity — Angelina Jolie. Anu is a perfect nickname that goes well with Anoushka. Anya is variation of Anna or the Hebrew name Hannah. The name became popular with the tele-series Twilight. It personifies protection and strength. The unique name is a good choice for your little warrior princess.

Love your little one to the moon and back. Something you wish your child will be blessed with. She is the goddess of hunting and wild animals. Popular celebrity — Princess Diana of Wales. Elena or Alyona comes from ancient Greek language. The beautiful name finds its origin in the old testament and the Bible. The name Fedora is derived from Greek name Theodora. Shorten it to Tina for a cute nick name. Gala or Galina is a name with Slavic origin.

Grusha is an old Russian name with Greek origins. Untamed and majestic. Helina has its roots in old Greek civilization. A short name with many meanings sounds so beautiful and cute. The unique twist makes the name more beautiful and perfect for your cutie pie. Jelena is a pretty and modern choice for your doe-eyed princess.

Kate ot Katy would be perfect nick name for Katerine. The exotic and cute name Katia has its origin in Greek, Spanish and Russian culture. Katie makes a lovely nick name for Katia. According to the Greek mythology, Larissa is a nymph, the daughter of Pegasus and the lover of Mercury. The name Marina is derived from Marinus. Cute name for your little mermaid. Masha sounds beautiful and exotic when called out aloud.

Popular celebrity — Mila Kunis. Mischa is derived from Michael. Besides having a beautiful meaning, the name sounds exotic and divine. The name Nika has origins in Greek, Pashto and Persian cultures. Ninotchka is a rare and unique name. Oksana sounds so very poetic. Pretty name for pretty princess.

Paulina is the feminine version of Paul. Polly is a cool nick name for your little girl. The name finds its origin in Latin, Romanian and Italian culture. Such a royal name for your princess who will rule the world one day. The name with Russian origin is popular across many cultures.

Soni would makes a lovely nick name for her. Ulyana is a popular Russian name for baby girl.

The most popular baby names in countries around the world – and what they mean

The selection of Russian baby names is often steeped in tradition. Many new parents bestow a new baby with his father's name as a middle name to honor his heritage and family. Russian parents also sometimes combine their two names to create a new name for their newborn.

A fairy tale with a beautiful name. A romantic and dreamy story they wove together and prayed for it to come true.

In a nation where the naming of children is subject to wild swings in fashion, a Moscow study has found that the latest trend is for the plain and simple. The most popular boys' and girls' names last year were Aleksandr and Yekaterina, names with solid, traditional roots. The survey in two regions of the city, reported recently in Izvestia, also said people with some of the more imaginative names that were previously fashionable, names like Tractor, Hypotenuse and Revolution, were discarding them for simpler ones. In an effort to keep Russian names from becoming too fanciful, the Government newspaper said, local registration bureaus were offering the professional services of a philologist to assist in finding harmonious combinations of name, patronymic and family name. The philologists, it said, could also advise on names with literary allusions.


The largest country in the world, Russia is a fusion of ballet, vodka, caviar and lots of red color. The nation of hammer and sickle brings in naming tradition with a revolutionary touch! With almost million people and Moscow as the capital, Russia has always had a complicated history. Under the repressive regimes of Tsars, Bolsheviks and eventually the Communist Party, one would hardly find a country in the world with larger cultural and social differences. And on the other side of the spectrum - labor camps, years of repression, political prisons, broken families. Despite the setbacks, there is a chance for brighter future. Originally a Slavic language using Cyrillic alphabet, Russian is spoken by million people around the world. The etymological richness of the language gives parents all over the world the chance to choose a name for their child that is linguistically diverse, with one of the oldest ancestries in Eastern Europe. Russian Baby Names. Russian Background With almost million people and Moscow as the capital, Russia has always had a complicated history.


Expecting a boy? This beautiful name has Russian and Greek origins, and means "resurrection. With Russian origins meaning "grace," Annika is sweet and spunky, and a beautiful sibling of the name Ann. Galina is of Slavic, Russian origin, meaning "calm, healer.

Russian names for girls are a high-fashion choice right now — literally!

You always know when you've found 'the one' and this is true for your baby's name too! Besides, if anyone can understand all of the feeding issues and potty training trials, it's other parents…. Is it a boy or a girl?

Popular Russian Names For Girls

Browse our list of Russian baby names to find the perfect name for your baby girl or boy. Read More. Russian: The goddess; from Allat, name of pre-Islamic Arabic goddess of fertility.

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Russian Female Names Among the Doukhobors. The following encyclopedic glossary contains 86 Russian female names historically used by Doukhobor women in 19th century Russia and 20th century Canada. Each entry includes the transliterated English spelling, original Cyrillic spelling, pronunciation, name meaning and history, along with many common diminutive forms of each name. Use this glossary to learn about all aspects of the personal names of your Russian female ancestors. To search for Russian male names among the Doukhobors click here.

Top 10 Russian Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Russian names originate from many sources, with new names usually appearing during the most important historical periods, including the advent of Christianity to ancient Rus, the Russian Revolution of , and the Soviet years. Ancient Slavs were very creative in naming their children. First names often described a baby's character or the parents' hopes for their child's future. These were called protection names and helped ward off bad energies and protect the name bearer. Nicknames were also very popular and aptly described someone's personality.

The nation of hammer and sickle brings in naming tradition with a revolutionary touch! Boys. Girls.

Please refresh the page and retry. Amelia came second, with Isla at number three. Currently, the number one most popular female baby name for our friends across the pond is Emma, followed by Olivia and Ava; and for boys Liam, followed by Noah and William, according to Social Security card application data. Generally, the most popular names in the US have long owed themselves to biblical characters. In the s, the top names were John and Mary; in the s it was James and Mary; and in the s, the names of the decade were Jacob and Emily.

50 Popular And Cute Russian Baby Names for Girls


Russian Baby Names baby names




22 Great Russian Baby Names



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