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Do i need a change in my life quiz

One thing is for certain; life is too short to be miserable. But living in the modern world can make it difficult to be happy all the time. There is always so much going on around us and sometimes it's all just too much. For most of us, happy means a safe and secure environment, access to the things we need, and time to spend with our family and friends. Other people measure happiness by how much money they have in the bank, how many houses they own, or how successful they are in their careers. Happiness means different things to different people.

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10 Personality Quizzes That Can Actually Help Change Your Life

One thing is for certain; life is too short to be miserable. But living in the modern world can make it difficult to be happy all the time. There is always so much going on around us and sometimes it's all just too much. For most of us, happy means a safe and secure environment, access to the things we need, and time to spend with our family and friends.

Other people measure happiness by how much money they have in the bank, how many houses they own, or how successful they are in their careers. Happiness means different things to different people. True happiness means practicing gratitude for the things you have and not always waiting for other people to make changes for you.

Everyone has bad days. The days when nothing seems to go right and the world looks grey and pointless. But when you are having more and more of these types of days then it could mean something is wrong. If you were to look back over the past week, how many days would you say you felt happy?

Let's say you log into Facebook and find out that one of your friends just got engaged, another just got a promotion and a girl you went to school with just got a modeling contract. They're all so excited and in comparison, your life looks kind of boring.

How do you feel; do you like to see others happy? Unless you've managed to win the lottery or marry into a wealthy family, you probably have to earn a living just like the rest of us. Even the most basic things in life cost money so we all have to go out and earn that dollar so it's important to do something you find fulfilling. Which of these statements best describes how you feel about work?

Sometimes being grown-up sucks. When we are young we see adults as having all the freedom in the world but the sad truth is that you have earn that freedom. Almost everyone has obligations and responsibilities and sometimes they can make us feel like we can't move.

How often do you feel trapped? We know, we know, you've heard it a million times before but it's true - if you don't exercise your body then it's going to be very difficult to have a healthy mind. Exercise can make us feel refreshed and is a healthy outlet for negative feelings. How often do you exercise? Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Do you try to follow a healthy diet or do you just eat whatever you want whenever you want?

You need to give your brain the right nutrients to help you feel happy. Which of these statements best describes your eating habits? Your friends call you on a Friday afternoon and ask if you want to go surfing with them the next day.

Problem is, you've never been on a surfboard in your life and your body isn't looking that hot. Will you go for it or make an excuse?

When last did you do something spontaneous? Only happy people want to see others succeed. If you are a miserable person who is dissatisfied with your own life then you definitely won't want to see anyone else being happy. You'd prefer to see them being unhappy - just like you. Be honest - do you secretly hope for others to fail?

When last did you do a good deed - and not post about it on social media? Happy people know that being kind to others, even when they don't reciprocate, feels good and helps makes the world a nicer place for everyone. When last did you do a good deed? It's called social media but is it really social? If you are spending more time on Facebook and Twitter than with your friends and family then there might be a problem.

Too much screen time can make you feel sad and disconnected. How many hours a day do you spend on social media? Do you feel like you know where you are going in life or does your life feel like a maze you just can't seem to solve? If you feel like your life is pointless then chances are good that you won't feel very happy. Do you feel like your life has direction? Are you in control of your emotions or does it feel like people around you are always pushing your buttons and forcing you to become angry?

We all lose control from time to time but if you're angry almost all the time then there is a problem. How often do you feel like your anger is out of control? Do you let other people control how happy you are? When something goes wrong are you quick to lay the blame on someone else or do you take responsibility for your own happiness?

Perhaps you feel like your life would be perfect if only the right person were to come along? How much influence do others have on your happiness? Life is all about balance; we need to work hard to achieve our dreams but we also need to take time to just relax and enjoy the moment.

When the weekend rolls around, what do you like to do with your free time? What is your idea of having fun? Do you feel like there are obstacles in your life that prevent you from feeling happy? Is happiness always something that you see for yourself in the future but can never seem to find in the present moment?

What do you feel prevents you from feeling happy day to day? Some of us are night owls who prefer to get things done in the evenings and rather sleep a little later in the mornings.

Others prefer to go to bed early and get started at the crack of dawn when they feel fresh. Everyone has different peaks and lows in their energy levels. What time of the day do you have the most energy?

Have people done you wrong in the past? Have you been hurt and broken by other people? Welcome to the world, it happens to everyone. But are you the type of person who holds on to that hurt in the form of grudges? Or have you learned to let go of the past?

Having healthy, fulfilling relationships can go a long way in ensuring that we feel happy and content. But it all starts with us, and our relationship with ourselves.

We can't expect others to solve our problems but good relationships can provide us with the emotional support we need. Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings in the world, but for many loneliness is just a part of everyday life. You can be surrounded by people but if you don't feel like they understand you, you will feel alone.

Connecting with others is vital in order to feel happy. We all have to work in order to earn a living but if your job is a constant source of stress and anxiety then your life is going to feel quite miserable. What changes would you like to see at work? What would make it more bearable?

You had plans to see a friend tonight but he's just called to tell you that he won't make it. So now you have an unexpected free evening so what are you going to do with it? Are you happy to just chill on your own or do you need to make emergency social arrangements? Are you struggling to get a good nights sleep?

Or do you feel like no matter how much you sleep you can't seem to feel rested? It's very difficult, almost impossible to feel happy and vital if you are not resting properly. What statement best describes your sleeping habits? For most of us, life is pretty stressful. There are always things to do and often it feels like we don't have enough time to get to everything.

Stress keeps us living in the past or the future and prevents us from living in the now. What is your biggest source of stress? You can't rely on others to keep you motivated; if you want something then you have to be prepared to inspire yourself. Hard work does pay off in the end and no-one ever succeeded by just lying on the couch.

What motivates you to get out of bed each morning? Life is never going to be perfect and it's no good waiting for the ideal circumstances before you allow yourself to feel happy.

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Are You Ready for Changes in Your Life?

Lifestyle dreams , future , prediction. Who knows what the future holds? Let us look into our crystal ball and predict what your life will be like in 10 years. Lifestyle dreams , sleep.

Some people know themselves well, but often our feelings, motivations, and desires can be a mystery. Certain events cause us to ask, "Am I nice? When we hear the words "personality quiz" we think of those teen magazine quizzes that tell you whether you'll find your true love or whether or not you're a jealous person.

Are you stuck in a rut in your life? Are you looking for a way to make a change, but you just don't know how to go about doing it? Let us help you get the answer by taking this quiz! Created by: shannon. You are going to answer some questions surrounding your current situation and what your goals and plans are for the future.

Are you on the right path?

Please leave empty:. Uneasy, nervous, like something bad might happen. Content, I slept well and now I'm ready for a new day. Happy, excited. I can't wait to start the day. All right, tired but I'll probably shake that off around noon. Depressed, I can't get out of bed and really just want to sleep all day. I'm just confused about what I want so I can't really plan anything.

What Should I Do With My Life Quiz – I Have An Answer

Please leave empty:. Why does everyone ignore me these days? Generally happy, I guess. A little sad. I'm missing someone very much.

Our free career test is state-of-the-art and takes minutes to complete. Individual custom matching to over well paying careers.

Do you know yours? Attention: schools and other organizations, if you would like your entire group to complete the Quiz, please contact me first. The questions are simple but not necessarily easy. Respond with your instinctual answer.

What Major Life Change Should You Make Right Now?

It seems like it should be pretty easy to understand yourself, but it's not. In order to truly see who you are, you probably rely on your confidantes for real talk, your journal for some good old self-reflection, or maybe even a self-help book here and there. If you're struggling to grasp your evolving personality, there are certainly no shortage of tools available to help you figure it out — even these online personality quizzes can help change your life — of course, should that be something you're trying to do.

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Start My Quiz Now. We would like to use respondent feedback to improve the quiz. Your comments are welcome. Thank you. Your results will be displayed on the next page.


This quiz will tell you what you should change about yourself. It may not be totally If you are then take this quiz. it is really fun. answer honestly. I hope you enjoy it. once but i learned my lesson; never I don't want to get wet. You are on.


What should you change about your self?







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