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Find redguard woman skyrim

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Upon entering Whiterun for the first time you will overhear a couple of Alik'r Warriors talking to the Whiterun Guards about locating a Redguard woman. It turns out that they have been barred from entering the city, and one of them even has been to jail. Speak to them and they will request your help. It is also possible to encounter Alik'r warriors harassing any number of Redguard women throughout Skyrim. Talk to her, bringing up the Alik'r Warriors, she will take you upstairs to a private room.

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In My Time of Need

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So, I assume a good amount of people have met the Alik'r that are hunting the Redguard woman in Whiterun. The question is, who should I trust? The Redguard woman Saadia? I may be a bit off, but can you add any details that can be used to determine what is right? The Alik'r are made to seem like more of mercenaries, but I still don't trust the Redguard woman either.

Showing 1 - 15 of 25 comments. Delta View Profile View Posts. Well who do YOU trust? It's intentionally ambigous. Ceejay View Profile View Posts. Yep there is no right answer as such, there does not appear to be any long lasting effect from either decision. Well except for her character either being there or not from that point. Last edited by Ceejay ; 4 May, am.

Originally posted by iTz ghost UK :. Originally posted by Delta :. They send a big squad as they do no know where she is and need to search, the more people looking the faster your likely to find her. I think either way, the woman is at fault. She either denounced the people in control of the village, which she knew would get her punished; or she betrayed her people, where she would get punished also.

And the Alik'r wouldn't try to kill her, if she didn't denounce them. No offense, but although nobody really helped, I've reached my decision. Trust Saadia,she is better than the bandit group. Grathagis View Profile View Posts. Go where the loot is. Killing the group will get you more stuff than handing the girl over. Her fate was sealed when she pulled a knife on me.

Don't trust Women. Look how we live now thanks to Eve. Originally posted by DarekBrowarek :. Betray Saadia, then when she gets paralysed kill both of them with the ebony blade. I don't remember the details of what she or the mercenaries told me, but in the end I turned her over. However like others said you bring your own thoughts into the situation, do whatever feels right to you. Originally posted by Grathagis :.

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What is the "good" choice in the Redguard woman quest?

Reward : written by Blackdove86 , not checked. After Irileth informs the jarl about the dragon attacking the Western Watchtower during Dragon Rising , you may come across guards looking for a Redguard woman in the city. You may also observe an argument between Whiterun guards and Alik'r Warriors regarding their presence in the hold, or you may find Alik'r Warriors interrogating Redguard women in the Skyrim wilderness.

You will receive Gold if you choose to kill Kematu. Sometime after you speak with the Jarl, a pair of Alik'r warriors stand just at the entrance to Whiterun and beckon you over. Alternatively, you can start this quest by finding them elsewhere and approaching them as they are harrassing a Redguard woman They commission you to help them locate a Redguard woman hiding somewhere in Whiterun.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I was approached by a few underhanded Redguard men calling themselves the Alik'r in Whiterun, who wanted a Redguard woman.

Skyrim:Redguard Woman

The Dragonborn encounters some Alik'r warriors in search of a Redguard woman. They must choose whether to believe the warriors, and return the woman to custody, or trust the fugitive, and kill her pursuers. Either option offers a decent monetary reward. At any time after starting the main quest " Dragon Rising ," the Dragonborn will encounter Alik'r Warriors on the roads of Skyrim or at the entrance to Whiterun, arguing with the town guard for entry to the city. When asked, they will explain that they are searching for a Redguard woman , who is a refugee from Hammerfell. When asked why they are searching for her, they will refuse to answer. Since they are not welcome in Whiterun due to a prior incident with the guards, they will tell the Dragonborn to bring any news of their quarry to Rorikstead.

Skyrim:In My Time Of Need

Return to V - Skyrim. Find the Redguard woman - which side did you take? Some werewolf killed them in my game - it was kinda' horrifying. I hope they come back. They tell you that if you find her, they will be waiting in Riften.

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The initial part of this mission consists in finding Saadia. After that, you may choose how you want to behave towards the woman - help her or continue the quest and turn her over to Redguards. If you have completed the Dragon Rising main quest, upon heading Whiterun you should come across a couple Redguards wanting to get inside the city. The guards won't be willing to let them in, so the Nomads will have to turn back.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So, I assume a good amount of people have met the Alik'r that are hunting the Redguard woman in Whiterun.


Nov 17, - Redguard woman is lying: to saying “it's not important why we're looking for her, just bring her to us if you find her?” More posts from the skyrim the quest In My Time Of Need. Should i help the redguard.








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