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Funny halloween costume ideas for pregnant couples

Pregnant this Halloween? Make your baby belly part of your epic Halloween costume and recreate looks from your favorite movies, TV shows, and more in creative ways that incorporate your bump. From E. We're partial to the avocado. On a budget?

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37 Spooktacular Maternity Halloween Costumes

But there are cute and funny homemade Halloween costumes for pregnant couples out there. If your bump is big enough, you might not even need the pot. Just paint it on the dress! Get your partner to dress in green clothes, stick a leprechaun hat on him, and the two of you will be a cute match. The milkman and pregnant housewife are cute costumes that have many variations, so you can personalize it as you want. This is an easy DIY Halloween costume for pregnant couples since you just have to paint your belly like a basketball.

You need a black shirt painted with gold and gold painted wings attached. You need bolts of fabric, one color for you and one for the spouse. You can sew the dress or just cut a circle in the middle of the fabric. Pull it over your head and tie extra material around you, you above the belly, and he around the waist.

Another homemade hand-magnet costume. Mother Nature requires a bit more work since the Earth is painted on your belly. This redneck guy and his old lady costume is so funny! For some extra special touches, add facial and chest hair, tattoos from a quarter machine, a mullet hairstyle, a cigarette, and a beer can. A nightgown, wig, cigarettes, and makeup are all you need for the old lady. Cut and paint the cardboard box, paint a bun on your belly while your husband dresses up as the chef.

This is a great and relatively easy DIY couple Halloween costume. Print out baby skeleton X-ray and either glue it to your belly or paint it on. Color your faces all white, then add red and black around the eyes and nose.

For an added touch, you could also paint a skeleton on your hands and back. Another adorable pregnant couple is Juno and Bleeker. Did we miss any fabulous Halloween costumes for pregnant couples?

If we did, let us know in the comments! Halloween is just around the corner! Related Posts. Add a Comment Cancel reply.

10 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Couples

But who knew your belly bump could be the ultimate Halloween costume accessory? In this article: Easy pregnant Halloween costumes Funny pregnant Halloween costumes Cute pregnant Halloween costumes Pregnant couple Halloween costumes Scary pregnant Halloween costumes. Sometimes you really can pull on a comfy shirt on and call it a night—all you need to do is take fabric paint or marker to a stretchy preferably cotton shirt and create whatever maternity Halloween costume strikes your fancy. A few easy maternity Halloween costumes ideas to get the creative juices flowing:. When it comes to cute maternity Halloween costumes, orange is the new black.

But there are cute and funny homemade Halloween costumes for pregnant couples out there. If your bump is big enough, you might not even need the pot. Just paint it on the dress!

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56 Of The Most Creative Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women

For expectant moms, figuring out what to wear on any given day is a bit of a struggle, but figuring out what to wear for Halloween is a whole other bag of worms candy. Rather than trying to hide or downplay your growing baby bump though, you can easily make it the star of your holiday look! Before you have your doubts, hear us out—these pregnant Halloween costumes are easy, fun, and most importantly, comfy. Basically, everything you'd want in a maternity Halloween costume. Put your belly to good use as an avocado pit, golden snitch from Harry Potter , or makeshift fish bowl. You're also guaranteed to win Halloween with the punniest pregnancy costume of all time—a can of Prego tomato sauce ba dum tst. Better yet, if you have other kiddos, make October 31 a full-on family affair—future baby and all—and sync up costumes with the rest of your crew. Go for coordinating Star Wars or Cookie Monster looks, fit to match your pop culture Halloween costume of choice. No matter how far along you are, these clever, budget-friendly Halloween costumes for pregnant women will make getting dressed this year scarily easy. And once baby comes, check back for our cutest costumes for infants , toddlers , and kids.

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