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Gemini man and virgo woman marriage compatibility in urdu

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Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, not a very sexual planet at first glance. However, this affects them in different ways, for Gemini is a masculine sign, always ready to explore, while Virgo is a feminine sign, shy and sensitive. Their sexual relationship is hardly promising, but they both have the need to communicate. If they find a language they both understand, they might agree on the way their sexual life is to progress. However, there is a big chance that endless discussions will not lead to their mutual understanding, leaving them distant and not interested to share any sexual experiences. If they fall in love, they will use enough tenderness and respect to make their sex life work, but it will still rarely be satisfying for both partners.

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Gemini and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

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Virgo male may not be the best match for the Gemini female but he can be a stable partner to the social butterfly. The differences in their likes, opinions and approach help them complete each other and grow to be the best couples. Love match of a Gemini female and a Virgo male is not a very usual combination.

These two sun signs are very different from each other and to strike a balance, both partners need to make constant efforts. But once they are able to deal with these differences in their personality and nature, their deep and pure love is responsible for helping them lead a happy life. Gemini woman is like a free butterfly who loves to be on her own and explore new worlds.

Her colorful life attracts and appeals the Virgo man as she is simple irresistible. He, who loves to play safe, is amazed by her uncertain life. She adds more fun and thrill to his boring life. She does appreciate the stability he brings along in her life and loves him beyond imagination. The couple faces problems because of their distinct natures but they can manage their lives with their love. When a Virgo male gets married to a Gemini female, he finds his life transform from a boring routine life to a much interesting and enthralling life.

His social butterfly is able to add new shades to his life and motivates him to lead a more exciting life. She also appreciates the stability marriage brings into her life. She respects her man and expects him to spread her social wings. She is as loyal as him but he may sometimes doubt her because of her nature to be friends with everyone. With time, when the relationship matures, he also learns to let her go because he knows that she will always come back to him.

Together, they are able to explore new facets of life. They respect each other and are able to complete one another in every respect. Everyday they make new plans to enjoy their beautiful life and every sunset they will retire to bed with a feeling of content. She loves to listen and follow what her man says and he also values her opinions.

This makes them turn into better individuals who are able to learn from each other. Once they are deep in love, nothing else matters to them. Each day is a new hope for them. All they need to do is understand and respect their differences. The love match of a Virgo male and a Gemini female ranks high on the sexual compatibility scales as both the partners are able to enjoy a colorful sex life by blending their different shades of personality.

He is subtle and easy. His passion for his lady and his ability to express it with ease helps him deal with her. He knows that she looks for light lovemaking and desires delicate and sensual moves. To revive their sex life and make it more appealing, she adds some fire to it by her sensual moves and imaginary romantic acts.

He makes her feel safe and stable in his arms and she finds it very relaxing and comforting with him. This feeling of emotional and physical safety in their relationship makes them strongly bonded to each other. They are able to experience passionate and satisfactory sex life with each other. Gemini girl is intelligent and independent. She loves to study new things, visit new places and learn new languages.

She is an independent soul who is always learning something new in life to revive her knowledge. She has a wonderful control and command over her language which adds on to her brilliant sense of humor. She is gifted with high energy levels. Impressing a Gemini girl may not be so simple and easy. To fetch her attention, you must be able to exhibit your in depth knowledge and wonderful communication skills as these are the most important things that she is going to notice about you.

She needs her space and freedom along with respect. She will not compromise for anything. So you need to be the best. Some points that a Virgo man must keep in mind about his Gemini girl are as follows:. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Coronavirus: stay at home Leave your home if it's necessary. Gemini symbolizes the dual nature. Our world comes in pairs: good and evil, male and female, yin and yang - and Gemini native Don't have a UserId?

Trusted Psychic Mediums. As such, avoiding hurt in this relationship is high on the agenda of them both, but the reality is sometimes a little more harsh.

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Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

Donna Roberts. Is Virgo woman Gemini man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Virgo woman is solid and stable, while the Gemini man is carefree and flighty. If they get together, it will take work to maintain the calm and not create a storm. The female virgin will notice the male twin first, for he always stands out in a crowd. Loud and animated, the dating Gemini man loves talking about his adventures. If he sees the Virgo woman standing in the corner, he will immediately notice her grace and poise. And after talking to her, he will be even more attracted to her mental acuity. Virgo women and Gemini men have great conversations, and she admires his quest for truth and knowledge. If the Virgo woman and Gemini man are attracted to each other, he will stay around long enough for her to decide to take things to the next level.

» Gemini-Virgo Compatibility

Virgo male may not be the best match for the Gemini female but he can be a stable partner to the social butterfly. The differences in their likes, opinions and approach help them complete each other and grow to be the best couples. Love match of a Gemini female and a Virgo male is not a very usual combination. These two sun signs are very different from each other and to strike a balance, both partners need to make constant efforts.

This is a breath of fresh air for Virgo, and he may like it or put up with it at first, but your lack of staying power and irrational emotional outbursts could irritate him.

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other?

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Joza Gemini mard se kisi bhi khatoon ka rishtah is khatoon ki khush qismati qarar dia ja skta hai, virgo khatoon kay liye joza Gemini mard ka intekhab umdah aur lajawab qarar paye ga, joza Gemini afrad mein buhat se ausaaf hamedah paye jate hain, yeh log zaheen, hazir jawab, har fun mola aur buhat hi zareef fitrat kay waqai hote hain, aik zindagi mein kamyab aur burd bari mard ko agar moqa farahum kia jaye to woh apni shareek hayat ko khush rakhne kay liye inteha tk chala jaye ga, in tamam maamlat mein kabhi kabhi virgo khatoon yeh bhi mehsoos karein gi keh is ka zehni tawazan durust nahi hai, tahum aisa buhat hi kam hota hai, aise tamam joza Gemini afrad jo sabit qadam rehna jante hain, dekhte hi dekhte taraqqi ki manazil tai karte huye baam e orooj tk ja punchte hain, yeh log beshumar khoobyon kay hamil hote hain. Baaz joza Gemini afrad mein woh tamam ausaaf nahi paye jate jin ki virgo khatoon mutlasi hain, aise joza Gemini afrad koyi bhi kaam diljami se nahi anjam de pate aur woh koi bhi kaam karte huye boryat mehsoos karte hain yun kaam adhura reh jata hai, tahum aisa koi bhi shakhs qismat se virgo khatoon kay moqaddar mein aagia hai to ghabarane ya pareshan hone ki zaroorat nahi, virgo khatoon ka zehanat yahan apna kaam dekha sikti hai aur is ki aadat mein tbdili ka bais bn skti hai, joza Gemini mardon ki bari tadaad aane wale halat ka andaza laga leti hai yeh log halat se nimatne aur masail se bachne kay liye doosron se mushawrat karte aur doosron ka mashwarah maan bhi lete hain. Virgo khatoon ki shadi joza Gemini mard se ho chuki hai to yeh milap mile jule rujhanat ka hamil hoga, joza Gemini mard virgo khatoon ki zindagi mein qehqahe bikher ne ki koshishon mein msroof rahe ga, tahum baaz auqaat aisa bhi hoga keh virgo khatoon aanso bahane par majboor ho jayein gi, yeh bhi durust hai keh joza Gemini mard sanf e mukhalif kay liye bais e kashish hote hain, is liye virgo khatoon se shadi kay baad bhi is ka tank jhank ka silsila jari rahe ga, tahum yeh tank jhank bilkul be zarar sabit hogi, is kay liye pareshani ki koi baat nahi honi chahiye chun keh joza Gemini mard fitri tor par aise hi hote hain.

There are a lot of demands placed on the two of you in You find yourself caring for multiple generations, attending to the needs of children and elders. You really need to split the workload and keep lines of communication open. If one of you is feeling stressed, speak up so the other can help while you take a needed break. Neither of you should be working yourself to the point of exhaustion.


The razor's edge between love and hate lives in this common but contradictory coupling. Your attraction feels so fated, it's impossible to resist. Fire-sign Aries loves freedom and risk, but helplessly falls for prudent, parental Virgo, an Earth sign landlocked by practicality and protocol. The tips of Virgo's gossamer wings are singed by Aries' flame—yet, into the fire the Virgin flutters. Both signs have a hero complex, and this relationship centers around fixing each other, or exposing the other to new ways of life. For the first six to twelve months, it's exhilarating.

Aug 2, - Both signs have a hero complex, and this relationship centers around Gemini and Virgo share a common ruler: speedy Mercury, who zips Yes, they had children with these men, which is important to the family-oriented Lion. Marriage is a sure success, and you laugh often, excellent medicine for your.


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