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Knowing BMI can help adult men and women understand their overall health. Use the BMI calculator below to determine your body mass index by inputting your height and weight. Note: Results of the BMI calculator are based on averages. Keep in mind that the BMI calculator may over-estimate body fat in those with a muscular build. If your BMI is below Keep in mind that an underweight BMI calculation may pose certain health risks.


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But you have one problem, math. Because of all the new and updated web programs, it is making it easier for everyone to do just about anything on the internet without thinking! Do you want to find out how strong you are? Need to know what your one rep max is for a new workout program based on percentages? It is simple!

Use the following calculator to figure it out. Your lean body mass LBM is the amount of weight you carry on your body that isn't fat. The goal of any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast is to drop weight while keeping your LBM the same. Find out how! Have you ever wondered how many calories you burned while participating in some type of exercise or activity?

Now you can know! Find out how many calories you burned or how many minutes it will take. Take this test to find out what your VO2max is This is the Target Range or Zone that you want to stay in when doing any type of cardiovascular aerobic activity. When in this range your body is getting an optimum workout with maximum benefit. Creatine is an amino acid used by the body to provide energy. Common practice for taking creatine is to load, and then maintain.

Find out more! Basal metabolic rate BMR is the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutrally-temperate environment. Find our your BMR with this handy calculator! Resting metabolic rate RMR is similar to the BMR but it is calculated under less-restricted conditions than its brethren. Calculate our your RMR with this simple calculator! Your TDEE is how many calories you expend every day.

Calculate our your TDEE with this simple calculator! There are three major macronutrients that the human body needs in order to function properly: carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Find out how much you need of each!

Water is very important for many reasons. It has many health and performance benefits. Find out how much water you should be drinking with our handy calculator! In relation to bodybuilding, protein is viewed as a key nutrient in the development of strength and size.

Find out how much protein you should be consuming with this handy calculator! Carbohydrates are used as energy by the body; they fuel our workouts, and provide fuel throughout the day. The following calculator can determine how many carbs you need. Fat is a necessary nutrient for optimal health and well-being. In short, our bodies need fat to function properly.

Find out how much fat you really need daily. Your body needs energy to carry out daily activities. This energy comes from the foods we eat.

These foods are measured in units of calories. The following calculator is to be used for maintenance. Determine what your blood alcohol level will be after you've consumed various drinks over a certain time period!

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A Large Selection Of Easy To Use Fitness Calculators!

Now that the Fitness Calculator has provided your TDEE Total Daily Energy Expenditure , it's time to set the amount of calories you will be consuming while following my fitness program. In order to lose weight burn fat , you need to consume less calories than your body needs. To build muscle, you need to consume slightly more calories than your TDEE. Select your gender: I'm a woman. I'm a man.

ACE Fit offers a number of free tools and calculators to help you determine everything from your body mass index BMI to your target heart rate zone, your blood pressure, body fat composition, daily caloric needs and more. Each of those tools will help you find an exercise program that fits your individual needs and goals, whether that be losing weight or increasing your strength with weight training. Contact ACE to find health and fitness experts for media interviews, articles and public service campaigns; information on the latest research; official position sstatements on health and fitness topics; quotes on the role of physical activity and beahvior change as part of the healthcare continuum; consumer health tips, and more.

But you have one problem, math. Because of all the new and updated web programs, it is making it easier for everyone to do just about anything on the internet without thinking! Do you want to find out how strong you are? Need to know what your one rep max is for a new workout program based on percentages? It is simple!

BMI Calculator

Live Well. Plus, six easy tips to commence your weight loss journey. Nothing can kickstart your weight loss and fitness journey faster than a bout of self realisation. A calorie deficit is a specific diet pattern that revolves around the number of calories you consume in a day. This diet pattern requires you to calculate the number of calories your body needs to consume to function smoothly without feeling hungry, and how much deficit you need create without harming your health. The deficit can then be created by cutting down empty calories and unhealthy fats. Keep in mind that the number of calories required to create a deficit is different for different body types. You can calculate yours online via a calorie calculator.

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All of our physical features—from the shape of our waist and stomach, to the size of our wrists, to the roundness of our arms—are based upon our personal genetics, our fitness, and our health history. So one person's body is different from another's. And that means that the exercise routine that works for one individual may not work for another. That's where Ben Greenfield's book comes in.

Brock Armstrong, Get-Fit Guy, will help you increase your enjoyment of movement, boost your overall physical performance, and get your body feeling and functioning better than ever. Brock uses his understanding of functional movement, endurance training, muscle building and the ever-important balance between performance and health to help people all over the world achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

More than seven million individuals all over the world have tried our Fitness Calculator. You should test your fitness age too, by clicking the image below, but let us first explain what makes our calculator so special and popular. The Fitness Calculator estimates your fitness age measured as maximum oxygen uptake VO2max. VO2max is the most precise measure of overall cardiovascular fitness.

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