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Girl meets world fanfiction riley gets beat up

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Author's Note: So Riley got beat up pretty badly the question is…Who did it? Disclaimer: Gee I wonder what I might say here! Lucas was tending to Riley's very well, placing ice on her black eye but needed to find out what was going on with her stomach and leg. Lucas sat on his bed where Riley was laying.

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Lucas and Zay

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I'd like to start off by saying that this is my first GMW fic, so bear with me. I don't have a great record with finishing chapter fics but I'm going to try. So for the purposes of this story, his name is Jackson Friar. Lastly, I'd like to say that the cover image for this story is an edit by "lucaya.

Hit me up on twitter by the same name on instagram or twitter and I'll credit you properly, OP. Maya crouches lowly underneath a stairwell at John Q. She's trembling, tears pouring down her face, unsuccessfully trying to regain composure. She's completely torn apart at the seams.

Riley, Farkle, and Lucas are looking for her everywhere. But she's so skillfully hidden she probably couldn't find herself here if she was lost. Her sleeves are soaked from wiping her eyes. Her arms are tired. She wants to be at home. But nowhere is safe.

She even ditched her phone in the classroom so no one could find her - Riley's obsessed with the Find Friend app. She always thought she could handle people picking on her. She always did. She's short, opinionated, blonde, and not the sharpest tool in the shed. These things alone came with their own jokes. And she could handle them when they were words. Now they're actions. This guy from the grade above hers has been making Maya his personal victim. He shoves her in to lockers when no one's around, he pushes her in to walls.

He threatened her not to tell anyone, or else he'd do worse to her AND Riley. Her ribs have bruises on them. There's a cut four inches long on her shoulders that her t-shirts barely cover. In class she can forget. In class, he isn't there. Riley and her friends are. It's easy to forget. But the second she walks out of the safety of her History class, she gets nervous and scared.

She stays with her friends as long as she can. She tried to pretend she's okay. Until it was too hard to pretend anymore. She broke down in class earlier. It ruins lives and hurts people! Everyone stared at her. Maya had run from the classroom faster than she'd ever run before. She found a tiny space beneath the stairs. And that's how she got here. She swallows and stills so no one hears her. The voices interchange but she can hear the boys. She slams her back against the wall so she doesn't make noise.

But it hurts her more than ever, because she's reminded of everything she's endured up until this point. Every bruise starts to ache and every scratch starts to bleed, it seems. She hisses a little with the burn. She hears someone getting closer and tenses up. She ducks her head and prays for the figure to turn away. It gets closer and the shadow gets bigger. She holds her breath. He stares at her, all defeated and broken. Maya looks up in gratitude, but says nothing.

She couldn't deal with speaking to Riley. Not now. He comes over and sits next to her, settling in close so not to alert the others to her location. He squishes against her and she winces involuntarily. He pauses and looks at her.

She doesn't make eye contact. He nods at her shoulder, where she winced. She shakes her head. She sighs shakily and removes her jacket, revealing an ugly bruise, purple-brown in colour and a few inches round. Lucas exhales sharply. He hesitantly brushes his thumb across it, and Maya yelps.

He withdraws his hand instantly. You come and go from that thing all the time and it never budges. What happened? There's a moment of silence between them.

He grabs her wrists and holds them securely. She stares at them. She nods, but pauses. He waits. She fully removes her jacket and rolls up her sleeves. She's painted in an array of colours. She carefully reveals her shoulder with the long scratch. Lucas jumps up and paces angrily. He says nothing, but Maya can tell he's pissed.

He smacks the wall then, and she jumps. She bites her lip and looks away, rubbing at her arm. He kneels in front of the girl with the long blonde hair and tucks it behind her ears. She slumps in defeat against the wall. It was that day that Riley had her dentist appointment so I was alone," she begins. I've been alone before. But as I was leaving I walked by him with a group of his friends.

He called to me, 'hey Hart, next time your mom makes me sandwich can you tell her to make it properly,' and 'this crap is disgusting'. He threw the sandwich at me. Tuna and cheese got in my hair and all over one of the outfits Shawn bought me.

He pushed me in to the locker behind me. It hurt so bad, I immediately had a headache. He held me against them and said, 'you ever speak to me that way again and I will make sure it's the last thing you say. Your mother is the worst waitress I've ever seen.

She's the help and even she can't help herself. She's pathetic'. And I shoved him off me. I know I shouldn't have. Lucas holds her hand while she finishes. And I do. Oh, God, Lucas, I'm so scared. He hesitantly hugs her, wary of her injuries. He pulls back.

Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot/Transcript

Maya's face was healing nicely- although there was still a very obvious scar- and she'd finally fully recovered her voice, and now when she saw Jeremy in the streets he wouldn't look her in the eye- guess he wasn't all that drunk after all. The one major this that Maya hated about this was how people saw her so much differently now. Lucas, Riley, and Farkle all danced around her as if she were this delicate little flower that they needed to be careful around because if they got too close she would wilt away. This was bothersome mainly because Maya spent her entire life leading people to believe she was this strong, secure, girl who didn't take any crap from anyone.

The two are best friends. Back in Texas, Lucas and Zay were best friends until Lucas was expelled from school after getting into a fight caused by Zay running his mouth off.

Homeroom bell rang and the junior high students rush into the school with everyday similar to the last; at least that's what it seemed like to Riley. She walked beside Maya, neither spoke, and Riley played with her hair so her waves fell over her shoulder; Maya could always read Riley's facial expressions. With arms linked the two girl walked toward Cory's classroom to begin the school day. However feet from her father's classroom Riley stopped then unlinked from Maya.

This was supposed to go in Love And War but it exceeded my word count cap, so it is being published outside of the compilation! Or Nah. Summary: Is it wrong that she's fallen for the cowboy? Request by 3. It starts with them already good friends, but this story is kind of fucked up lol You wanted happy. I did not do very well with that lol. Thanks for the request!

Summary: Riley has a dream that made her breakdown. When she goes to school, she isn't herself and her friends are concerned and wondering what's wrong. Riley was walking in complete darkness with thick fog surrounding her. She didn't know where she was or where she was heading to.

Author's Note: Well this will get interesting this chapter is the meeting at the Friar residence.

Girl Meets The Protector. Author's note: Alright everyone so this chapter will be shorter than usual, Lucas is in the hospital getting his nose fixed and waiting for him are the Golden Tigers, Farkle, Maya, the Matthews family, and the Lucas' parents! Let's see how this goes. Disclaimer: I don't own Girl Meets World, I only own the story line and some of the characters that are made up by moi.

You can't escape me! I felt that I didn't deserve all of that praise. Yes, I enjoyed writing it. But it wasn't written from the heart.

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She ran out of the school and through the courtyard. She was most likely going to outrun Farkle if he tried. He knew this as he stood at the school's exit. He decided to rush around the school and use the backdoor. If there was one thing he could do, it would be to outsmart her. Farkle held her shoulders, so she would not run away.

A combination of those hits has caused a skull fracture, as you can see here. It terrified me. This is very dangerous and it is going to require major surgery to repair. The good news that I have is that there is no visible cervical or spinal trauma on these scans. That means that Riley has no serious neck or spinal injuries and that is a very good thing.

Jul 15, - Summary: Riley is the sweet and innocent girl that no one would ever hurt. She was He held up the scans and pointed to a part that looked like a piece of Riley's brain had been taken out. It terrified me. Now I know exactly where Riley gets her sun shininess from. It was about 12 I let him beat you up.

I'd like to start off by saying that this is my first GMW fic, so bear with me. I don't have a great record with finishing chapter fics but I'm going to try. So for the purposes of this story, his name is Jackson Friar. Lastly, I'd like to say that the cover image for this story is an edit by "lucaya. Hit me up on twitter by the same name on instagram or twitter and I'll credit you properly, OP.

Girl Meets The Protector. Author's Note: Oh boy ladies and gents Chapter 10 is here! Ok quick intro because I know you guys wanna get to reading this.

Girl Meets The Protector. Author's note: So this one is my first ever fanfiction so please take it easy on me, I am just a rookie! So the inspiration behind this fan fiction came from Girl Meets The Secret of Life and from an anime I used to watch as a kid called: Inuyasha. For those of you who don't know what it is, look it up!

FYI my medical terms are most likely off so dont go crazy about that Had this story on a word Doc awhile.

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