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Girl meets world maya and cory fanfiction

Me again. I've been working on this one shot for a while, and instead of doing homework I decided to finish, edit, and post this thing. Just a couple AU notes before we get started. Gammy Hart has passed before this story and the episode that will be coming soon Girl Meets Forgiveness will not exist in this timeline.

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Girl Meets Rilaya

Topanga was currently in the process of changing Harper's dipper. Topanga sighed as she put Harper back into her crib. Today was the day she'd finally be going back to work. It had been exactly 4 months since Harper was born. She didn't want to leave Harper with a baby sitter but what choice did she have. She was also upset about going back because of the way she looked. She'd lost most of the baby weight; Topanga still wasn't satisfied with the way her body looked.

Topanga smiled and turned towards him. I've never heard that before. Topanga rolled her eyes and sat down on the bed. She twirled the ends of her hair and she stared at the wall. Riley and Maya stood in the kitchen fixing themselves cereal. Things almost still feel awkward. Cory came down a little later. Cory hadn't been coming to work every day for the past few months since he was helping Topanga out with Harper.

Since Topanga's maternity leave was over he would be back full time. Cereal began to fall out of Cory's mouth as he stared at Topanga. It was the first time in 4 months Topanga had on a full face of makeup, her hair curled, and she was wearing something other than sweats or jeans. Cory rolled his eyes and put his bowl in the dishwasher. Cory smiled and dipped kissed Topanga, her hand grasping onto his curls. Riley, Maya, and Auggie left the apartment. Topanga went to check on Harper again.

She was finally sleeping fortunately for Topanga. Topanga stared down at her little girl, her hair was super curly already and it was almost a dirty blond more than brown. Harper's skin looked like porcelain almost. Topanga leaned down and kissed her daughters forehead. Cory was writing something on the board. Matthews are you back full time now? Cory turned and faced his class. A huge smile plastered across his face. The class shot up from their seats and crowded around Cory.

He swiped through his camera roll showing the whole class Harper. Matthews, this one doesn't look like you. He jolted forward a bit after she did that. Riley and Lucas's faces became red as they headed back to their seats. After everyone ooed and awed over Harper they all headed back to their seats. Cory glared at Maya. Tomorrow bring in your most loved item, it can be anything you want as long as it's your most loved one. She fought for her freedom and equal rights. My challenge for you is to take a stand for your item, make me really wanna give it back to you.

Take a stand! The whole class erupted into murmurs and whispers. She didn't want to give Cory her most valuable item.

She had no idea how'd she'd even get it back. The rest of class they discussed what happened with Rosa Parks and her story. It seemed to inspire Riley because she was talking about the assignment all day long. Riley and Maya entered the apartment with Cory trailing behind them. We can work together on this. She rolled her eyes and grabbed Riley's arm as the exited the room.

Cory was really happy his arms could fit around her stomach now. She sat in his lap and her arm was circled around his shoulders. Topanga furrowed her brow in confusion and gazed at him. Cory exhaled slowly. Cory walked over to Topanga and held his hands on her shoulders. When the wedding comes we're gonna need some time just you and me, alone. You're gonna give me a real honeymoon.

Topanga erupted into giggles. Topanga sat down at the kitchen table as she watched her husband squeal like a little girl. Topanga shook her head and smiled. The wedding was going to be in July and it was just the beginning of March.

Maybe a honeymoon to some place exotic was what they needed. I'm just gonna pick out something stupid to bring and pretend like it's the most valuable thing I own. It's a full proof plan. Riley gazed at her. I'll just get him distracted tomorrow or something so he doesn't notice what I bring in. Maya thought about Riley's comment. Riley flopped back onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. Of course there was no answer but she hoped there would've been one.

Cory changed Harper and almost vomited. He had a weak stomach and the slightest thing might make Cory spew. Cory changed Harper back into her pink and white polka dot onesie.

He gently placed her back into the crib. Cory leaned against the railing of the crib and gazed at his daughter. Harper smiled before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. The next day everyone was in class with their valuable item. Most people had phones, and tablets, and other electronic devices.

Riley had her iPhone while Maya had a pillow in her hand. Everyone formed a line and Riley and Maya were last in line. Things went pretty quickly and it was finally Riley's turn. Riley's smile faded and she handed her dad the phone. Riley groaned and it was now Maya's turn. She was the last one in the line. Cory stared at it and then began to snicker. Cory stared at Maya. His eyes locked with hers. His gaze trailed down to her chest, where her golden locket was placed.

Hey guys! So I'm very excited for this new story and I think if you liked GM number 5 you'll love this! Sorry I didn't update yesterday like I had planned but I had some family issues going on and I didn't feel like writing. Today was really scary because there was a tornado warning where I live and I had to hide in my closet for an hour.

So that's why this chapter is out so late. Anyway the chapters are going to be super long; like I said they're like episodes almost. I was really happy about writing this chapter because I think things played out pretty well. Rucas will continue to grow, I promise their relationship is far from over. So will Markle but I think in a different direction. Josh will make some appearances, that's definitely going to make things interesting for the Markle relationship.

Corpanga is gonna be Corpanga. I thought it was hilarious how excited Cory got about the honeymoon. I put a BMW reference in here so while reviewing tell me if you caught it for a shoutout next chapter.

Fanfiction featuring Girl Meets World

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Riley spoke more and more about Maya everyday, much to their amusement. It seemed like Riley really believed in her friend wholeheartedly, and Topanga had to admit she was a bit impressed by how imaginative their daughter was.

Topanga was currently in the process of changing Harper's dipper. Topanga sighed as she put Harper back into her crib. Today was the day she'd finally be going back to work. It had been exactly 4 months since Harper was born.

Girl Meets World Fanfictions

Mainly Corpanga stories. Because they're my OTP. And I love them. Fan Fiction Mainly Corpanga stories. Here's the link to my fanfiction page. Below is the list of stories I've written so far with links as the titles. To begin, here are some multi-chaptered stories.

Maya left the courthouse after signing and filing the adoption papers with her Mom and Dad. She had been trying not to hope that Shawn would become her dad someday, especially after he started dating her mom. She believed hope was for suckers, however she couldn't help but hope. She seemed to have gotten her wish when Shawn and Katy got married, she had even asked him if it meant she was his daughter now and he had said yes.

I didn't plan this or anything and I'm just making it up as I go along at the moment; I hope that any readers understand that this is just a bit of fun and isn't really to be taken seriously.

The laugh escaped Riley in a burst - a loud noise, but a happy one all the same. The joke had long since been told, but she still seemed to find it hilarious. The hallway was vacant as they ambled down it, arms linked in a twist that sent calm to their nerves as they dodged classroom windows and ducked out of sight of hall monitors.




Aug 16, - Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Romance - Cory M., Maya H., Riley M., OC in the GMW area of fanfiction) I'm settled on one and that is Rucas. Cory's mistake was a boy named Brent. "I wanted to meet my father.








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