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How to be a godly wife and mother

Question: "What does it mean to be a godly wife? These characteristics of a godly disposition apply to every believer, whether male or female. Fortunately, the Bible gives more specific qualifications as to what a godly woman—particularly, a godly wife—looks like. In the book of Proverbs, there is a beautiful word picture painted of a godly wife. The virtues of a godly wife have not changed, even over thousands of years. A godly wife is one who has the complete trust of her husband.

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12 Qualities of a Christian Mother

I know that the Lord has a plan for my life. I am a homemaker. A wife. A mother-to-be. A cook. A cleaner. And perfectly where God wants me to be. Do you know how I know this? God told me so in His word. He has left instructions for how He wants us to live. We just have to listen! God instructs us that we are to love our husbands.

We are to love our children! We are to be self-controlled, which means to constantly be striving against sin in our lives and to be pure.

He wants us to be working at home. I know being a stay at home wife and mother is HARD work. It takes constant diligence and work. He instructs us to be kind to our family and to others. This also can sometimes feel like a full time job! And we are to be submissive to our husbands. Plain and simple, God has laid this out in His word. Just from these two simple verses we can glean all of that. Other Bible verses such as 1 Peter and 1 Timothy can help us to further understand our roles.

There are some excellent Biblical resources out there to help us understand our roles. This is hands down, my favorite book on Biblical womanhood.

I have read it through twice and plan to do so many more times in my life. It walks you through verse by verse on what it means to be a Biblical wife, mother, and sister in Christ. Peace gives so many real life examples and it is so easy to learn from her humble writing. McCulley writes from a the perspective of one who was caught up in the Feminist world for many years. She shares her experiences and her thoughts on Radical Womanhood within a Feminist world.

A wonderful study on what it really means to be a Biblical woman! She is so humble with real experiences in her life. She is open and honest about the reality of having to ask for help when you have little kids. My sisters and I are currently going through this book together. It has sections on submission and joyfully serving. I highly recommend this study for women of any age , regardless of if they are married or not.

I have not personally gone through this study yet, although I plan on doing it soon! But I highly respect both Kassian and Demoss. Their perspective on Biblical womanhood is rock solid Biblical. Intentional By Grace is currently going through the study on their blog.

Hop over and catch up in time for the second half of the study! Of course, none of this takes the place of actual Scripture. Those study tools and Bible studies can help us to better understand the Bible, but they should never take the place of actual study and memorization of His word. If we want to truly understand what the Lord has to say about our roles as Biblical Women, then we need to head to His word. We need to intentionally study what His word has to say on the subject and hide it in our hearts.

If we have daughters, we are to teach them what it means to be Biblical women. If we have sons, we must instruct them on what to look for in future wives. We must also instruct our own hearts on how to behave and think. When our sons and daughters ask us about the Biblical role of women, will you know what to tell them?

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It was an amazing book — so encouraging. Thanks Bonnie! I agree, it is so important to always be reading books like that! Jami — Thanks so much for sharing. I completely agree with you.

Processing photos I can do while my boys are in school and my two younger ones take a nap. I love my career but my most important job is being a wife and mother and that will always come first. The first four books you suggested I have read since I first married almost five years ago at So excited you are passionate about Biblical womanhood too!

I found you through Women Living Well! I love your post! I have read Radical Womanhood and loved it! I also have Disciplines of a Godly woman sitting on my bookshelf!!! I look forward to your future posts! I can only wonder if you insist that men be as restricted in how they may live their lives as you seem to feel about women.

Brianne, I fully support being a stay at home. The reasons we have so many problems is that today, there is no one their to nurture the home. Women today have so much on them that they barley can keep their sanity. Maybe your the one that is brainwashed by because you are really not happy with trying to be supermom and wife.

I feel today that familys want to have so many materialistic things that they put it before their kids. Now, I am not for abuse and if that is the reason that a family is split then I can understand she has to work to support her family or the husbands health. That is the problem with todays society, everybody wants to downgrade a stay at home mom. Who knows the reason you might be negative is your stressed and not happy because debt has made you have to work. I support all mothers staying at home , maybe things in this world would be better IF most mothers stayed at home.

Looks like to me you have been brainwashed about gender roles, You go by worldly standards and maybe one day you will feel you have wasted your life and your families, because you will see the hoax was on you. I would be miserable as a stay-at-home mom or a mom at all …not to mention, by ordering women to be stay-at-home moms with no job skills, you are effectively shackling them to their husbands.

If their husbands turn out to be abusers, they have no means of living independently and removing themselves and their children from a dangerous situation. I must admit that I am struggling with this belief that the biblical role of women is to be a stay-at-home wife. Firstly, in Genesis, both man and woman were given the command to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion.

Secondly, a lot of great things would be missing from the world if every single mother chose to stay at home. The proverbs 31 woman managed her household quite well but still ran business transactions.

That being said, I respect your choice. Perhaps the way you worded it is what was so offensive. I also took offense to how you put it. God has called YOU to be a homemaker and a mother, and to work in the home. We all have a different calling. Perhaps it is your calling because you could not handle to role of homemaker, mother and full time employee outside of the home. I have worked my entire adult life, I have raised 2 children and not my 3 grandchildren, and I work outside the home.

If i am going to hell for that, then so be it, but I know my God is a loving and gracious God, and that He approves of my wifely role. Yes, I pray daily that I may be a Godly woman, but just because I work outside of the home does not mean that I am not.

God did not call me to be a stay at home nothing. My goodness -Jami is taking Biblical teachings and simply posted a very concise, kind and loving post. Pray and God heals and guides us all. As a Christian, reading your reply hurt me.

Traits of a Godly Wife

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I once came across an interesting article on motherhood by a man named W. Caldwell written back in Here's what he said:.

I know that the Lord has a plan for my life. I am a homemaker. A wife. A mother-to-be.

A Godly Mother Is First A Godly Wife

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How to Be a Good Wife (in God’s Eyes)

Q uestion: what makes a Christian mother distinctive from other mothers? A nswer: salt. The believing mother has a wealth of resources available to train, discipline , and love her children in the grace of God. Does your presence as a mother bring a delightful taste to those around you?

From the LYWB. Have you heard?

Everyone knows the Proverbs 10 — 31 woman and everyone would agree that she was a godly wife and mother. Not only did her husband praise her but her children too! I am not going in-depth into this Proverb. I devoured this book with great hunger in the hospital after birthing 4.

Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother

If you were to stand before God today and make an account for your actions, attitudes, and overall role as wife to your husband, what do you think God would say? This post is not about being hard on yourself. Guilt is not the motive here.

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As I have grown, I have come to value the important role a woman plays in the development of a Christian home. A woman who has God as the center of her life will prove a valuable asset to her husband, her children, and the church. Many of us have seen wonderful examples of such women in our mothers, grandmothers, and fellow Christian women. We must not let the world influence our ideas and values as it tries to indoctrinate us with feminism and humanism. The role of the woman is in the home. She is to be the keeper of the home and the manager of the home Tit.

A Godly Wife & Mother

If anything, it is the first step toward fulfillment. She should not be a Christian at heart and her adornment be that of a person of the world. The chief adornment of the Christian should be the Lord Jesus, manifested in and through the life of the believer. Jon Winkelman. Share Embed. Sermon Tone Analysis. Especially when Scripture runs counter to everything we learn, see, and hear in our culture today. We cannot serve two masters.

May 15, - Introduction A Godly Mother Is First A Godly Wife We have a responsibility to obey Scripture even when we don't like it. Especially when.


Trying to be a Godly wife and Mother


My Goal Is To Be A Godly Wife and Mother






God’s design for womanhood


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