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How to get a friend code animal crossing wild world

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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Could I get my sister who has the same game as me to wirelessly play with me and get her to register me to her friends list and then I can look at my name that she has registered and get my friend code?

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Sorry, but you can no longer add me since my AC:WW broke. But, you can exchange friend codes to the comments below. I will open my gates when i am playing, they are open now! I have pears, coconuts. My shop is nookway, hope i can upgrade it if someone visits me please! I have a few alot of weeds, maybe someone could help me pull them out!!? I can go now aswell! But please add me, im kinda new to Animal crossing so i need some friends! But im on pretty often. I open my gates when Im on.

I need a friend to help me upgrade nook msn me shesapiratess hotmail. Anyone online add me my gates are open Name: connie friend code: town name: My Town new to the game wanna go to other towns add me.

Hi, my code is name is carol town is ashley please leave me a message if you add me so I can add you. Hi…Im looking for some friends.. My gates are always open even when I am not playing. Please come visit my town and leave me a message! Email me if you want to catch up… strawberrypeach hotmail. I will block you if I get spam. I have the Requied points but no-one has bought from my shop Nookway yet. I would really Apreciate it if someone would visit my town and buy something from my shop!

Just to let you know that Abbi in Kendal that character lives in england so that is the time zone and please post a comment to let me know if You have added me!! I think I lost her…lol she was at my town all week I couldnt find her today, unless I just cant find her…lol. OH NO!!! Hey all ust googled this blog and was wondering i need someone to come to my town and buy something from my town!

Dont have any friends on my animal crossing wild world list yet, will find out my code and post it. Let me know if you want to add me and what times you are on! I play for a long time. I have wifi. I love clothes fluffy shirt,frock coat,captin shirt with hat ,sailor uniform,waitress shirt,this is not even a sixteenth. One room im working on is modern series and my little kitty who looks so good it there is lost in jessicas town and it is special but i trust all my friends. I love to fish, catch bugs,walk,shop,make friends.

I like pranking people pitfall seeds I like to giveaway money for a good cost. I love pictures of people truffles ronald limberg teddy…i aint got them all. I love to be nice I will help you when needed even buying just the littlest thing like med. Just wanting to see if anyone wants my friend code. I am not on every day but if someone adds me I will be on more to meet up with them, let me know if you want my friend code! D: this is spooky!!!

Anyways, reply to me if you added me. Remember to add me both of u! I love pictures of people truffles ronald limberg teddy…but i aint got them all. Hi guys! Add me please! I am also happy to trade items with people. The people in my town have been bugging me about it. So anyway… My town: Montana My name: Rebecca My friend code: My town fruits: pears, apples, and cherries Please if anyone has a coconut tree, I really want some.

I found a coconut on the beach the other day and I planted it, but my tree died. Friend Code: name: kassie town: sydney thanks hope to see ya soon. Plz add me im willing to give any gold items you need and any amout of money u desire. Also guys i have added most of you already so if u add me it should become a circle right away but yea plz add me again and i hope to play with you guys soon.

Sorry guys I closed my gate. Extra precautions: Do not destroy or run through my flowers or chop downs trees. Thats the only rule! Cmon over!!!! Username is: Libbiekittie. I am Sarina. I have added all of you, so please add me. It is July Eighth, two thousand and nine. I am always on and playing. Sorry about the spelling of my note above anyone can add me i will be kind and nice and would love to go to a new town and i hope that people would like my town i know it keep saying this but anyone can add me aslong as no one is mean.

I did not make the town name. Btw, if you added me, tell me, my email is rawrimadinosaur. Plz add, i need some friends to play and chat with. Hey, who evers got a friend code, send it to me at chazstreetballer hotmail.

Please add me? Hey Abby im on right right now! Wanna come over?? Ill be by the gate. I open my gate everyday at am Im on everyday so get ready Abby I added u. Abby i added u bon u chloe um to i have mansion too! My names amy and ive been looking for people to add on ACWW, i live in a town called caffe dont ask! Come and visit me! If you can, please reply to me so we can be proper friends ok?? Hey anyone on right now? Please answer me back! Hi, my name is Jay, town is happyton no capital in happyton and my code is My shop is nookway.

Hi, my friend code is my name is Jay my town is happyton. Please do not seed my town. Oh and buy from nookway so I can have nookingtons. I do not know what my friend code is! How do I get to know what it is? If you know how e-mail me at lachlanroberts hotmail. I have like seven hudred quadrillion dollars lying around my town. It will be in bags. Many of them say 69, bells and some say 99, I also have some hidden suprises underground…….

I am quite poor on the game so i would like a reasonable price. Hi I want someone 2 come oer so i can get nookingtons. I will do the same to anyone else who needs nookingtons.

Plz come on! Hello Peeps! My name is Jon town name is HonJon and my friend code is but there is one thing you must do… e-mail me first at Skaterjon aol. Just e-mail me and if you do you will get a present from me…BTW my museum is complete and My house is completely upgraded. Hey Peeps! I am wanting people to come to my town or for me to come to yours!

Go ahead and add me because all you have to do is e-mail me at Skaterjon aol. Remeber to e-mail me. My town is Portland, I will get a friend code soon. Hey everyone!

How do you get your friend code?

Wild World Friend Codes. Mar 1, 1 min read. I noticed the links on the main page don't work, so I'm fixing them. Paste your friend codes here for the DS version of Animal Crossing!

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Sorry, but you can no longer add me since my AC:WW broke. But, you can exchange friend codes to the comments below. I will open my gates when i am playing, they are open now! I have pears, coconuts.

In animal crossing wild world how do you get your friend code?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally here. As of the 20th of March we can finally dive into the wonderful world of escapism that only Nintendo's slice of life game can truly deliver. So, grab your Nintendo Switch and hop online Actually, wait a minute. So, we here at Pocket Gamer have a solution for you. Especially those who are truly embracing the spirit of adventure. We've built this post to give you a chance to gather a great list of new friends to play with.

Friend Code

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do you get your friend code?

Either way, you need to add their friend code!

Friend Codes are strings of twelve numbers used to allow access to another person's town during online play. A friend code looks like - - , three sets of four digits, where 's represent numbers. To get someone's friend code, the player must go to the Town Gate and talk to Copper.

Animal Crossing: Wild World Cheats

In animal crossing wild world how do you get your friend code? Best Answer. To get your friend code , you have to first connecting to Nintendo WFC.

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As long as you have the prerequisite friend codes, you can visit friends' cities across the globe! However, you can use your DS to visit someone else's town if you absolutely want to, and you don't need a copy of Wild World to do so. Read on! If your friend lives nearby and you're planning on visiting him in person, you can use the DS to temporarily hold your character's data. Make sure your battery is full before doing this, as it can be a bit of a drain. In fact, you'll definitely want to take your DS power adapter with you!

Get a Friend Code on Animal Crossing: Wild World

By ZennyG1 , Jul 16, 11, 56 0. Page 1 of 3. OP ZennyG1 Member. Level 2. Joined: Jul 2, Messages: 18 Country:. Hi, I bought an R4i card for my DSi and have a bunch of roms on it. I've managed to connect Animal Crossing Wild WOrld to a wifi server so now I need to add friends to the game to travel to other towns or let people travel to mine.

Now you know how to keep your best friend with you! DS | Submitted by freakygirl Friend's Town Fruit. Any friends town .

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All you do is open the town gate and leave it open and the animal is cured! When you find a coconut, you can sell it to Tom Nook for bells, but you can also bury the coconut to grow a coconut tree which grows two coconuts that you can shake down sell and they will regrow on the tree. When Saharah comes to town, talk to her. When she asks you to help her say yes.

A Friend Code is a series of 12 numbers used to allow access to another player's town during online play via Wi-Fi. A friend code consists of three sets of four-digit numbers separated by hyphens; , for example. Visiting towns allows the player to meet new villagers, explore new town layouts, and find exotic fruits.





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