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How to get friends on zoo story 2

Powered by Facebook Comments. I used to love this game! I love this game AND Pet shop story! Please update for newer iPhones, I used to play this game as a kid and would to download again!!! Love this game.

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Zoo Story 2™

Powered by Facebook Comments. I used to love this game! I love this game AND Pet shop story! Please update for newer iPhones, I used to play this game as a kid and would to download again!!!

Love this game. I can play on my computer but not on my phone because the game needs to be updated!! I love this game it's really addictive and fun. But there's just one little issue with the gems: they're too hard to get! The only ways to get gems are to either buy them with real money or complete certain goals that award a handful of gems. Which is really inconvenient considering lots of things in the game cost gems and I'm talking about way more then just 3 or 5.

And in some of your other games like dragon story and castle story, sometimes there are goals that reward several gems for doing something really simple like buying any decoration you want or collecting coins from any coin generating building castle story. But there aren't any goals like that ever in this game. And when you level up you don't get anything then either. I think you should add those gem and experience rewarding goals that sometimes show up and I think that every time you level up you get a 1 or 2 gems so you'll have something to look forward to other then unlocking new animals that you may or may not be able to afford because they might cost a bunch of gems.

I also think you should make an aquarium story game. It could be just like zoo story except with more sea creatures basically. So please consider my game idea and make it easier for people to earn gems.

I love this game please please please update it!!!! I want to play again:. This app is great and I really want to play it again please update the app so it can be used on the new iOS. I am always almost late to school because of this game it it so good I can never put down my iPad. Please fix this so I can play this amazing game and have my zoo!!!!

Could you please update it to be applicable with the new ios I love this game so much, i used to play it all the time when i was younger, is there any chance it could be updated? Awesome best game ever. Would love to play this but it needs to be updated so that my newer phone can play it!! Please make the game for iPhone 6. Make the game compatible for current updates phones! Some of the Animals are out of reach unless you have gems, but the game doesn't have anyway to get gems.

I have been playing for weeks and haven't received any gems for completing any of the levels. Other than that, it's a good game and easy enough for kids to play too. I'm all out of options with no gems. Please update so I can play again. I love this game sooo much!!! I miss this game a lot. Plz update it for come with 3. Not compatible with IOS This game is awesome!

Ugh, plz fix it. I beg you! I use to play this on my Android when I was a kid, now I own an iPhone ion 11, I was wondering if you can please update it to be compatible with the phone? It has a lot of fun things you have to do for the animals like breeding them or getting more animals. I loved this game as a kid and I want to play it again. Me and my sister would always compete to see who had the bigger zoo.

Please update it to work on iOS 12!!! I have played this one past android devices and my iPod. I have to play it on my gen 4 iPod cause I have nothing else to play it on! I am very disappointed, I love this game. Like this game, but it needs to updated. I love this game and have since it came out. Please update!!! I love this game! Used to be my favorite game. Thank you! You really should update this game because I loved to play this.

Old: Love it, love the concept. But when it comes to in app purchases I think the pricing is really unfair for the amount of Gems you get. Especially since most of the animals that cost the gems cost so so much. Update: Still love the game but now its not available for me to download. Please update it to where it can be supported on the new iOS.

And then I will change my review. Ok ok Great game I love it! But I would add these things More updates please I'm not done with this game yet but if I get to the end what am I going to do?

More animals and a new land. This is when you get a new land and place new animals 5. Extinct animals, to get extinct animals you do this HARD quiz about the extinct animal your getting I think it would be a great update to the game 6. Tickets, you watch a video so you can get a ticket and then on whatever gem item you can use a ticket or more.

Anyways I think it's a great game! Just more things to add please I would like to be able to keep playing but I can on ios11, can we please get an update thanks!!!!! I love this game plz don't erase it. Nice game. Will we se an update to run on iOS I would love it if it was updated because i really miss playing this! Try These Related Apps! Action Bowling Free.

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Zoo Story 2: Tips, Tricks, Cheats

Raise families of cute animals and watch them play with their unique babies! Adorable, playful baby animals are waiting to be raised by you. Everything is better in Zoo Story 2! Tour zoos and take photos of their animals!

Do you love animals? Do you like breeding new animal species? If yes, then this zoo game can help you explore your interests.

This game currently has no reviews. You can be the first to review this game, share your thoughts. We recommend you to visit TapTap global site. If you still need CN content, you can choose to click Download App. Toggle navigation.

Neighbours needed for Zoo Story

In this video, AppGrooves features three of the best apps that cover augmented reality. Aubrey Rinehart and Jordan Murphy show you how these apps operate and how they can introduce you to a new type o. What a hoot! Oswald and the animal zookeepers are here to help with goals and exclusive animal prizes to improve your zoo. Check out your new collection book! Complete sets of families to bring new animal to your zoo. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password. Forgot password?

The Zoo Story

When Edward Albee wrote The Zoo Story in , it was the first play that he wrote as an adult and only the second play that he wrote in his lifetime. His only other play was a sex farce that he wrote at the age of twelve. It opened on September 28, , at the Schiller Theatre Werkstatt. It debuted off-Broadway at the Provincetown Playhouse on January 14, , and instantly had a strong impact on critics and audiences alike. The vast majority of the reviews were positive and many hoped for a revitalized theatre because of it.

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Zoo Story 2 lets players create completely new species by crossbreeding different animals -- Gryphons! Flying Monkeys! Also, players can kiss those lonely habitat construction days goodbye, as Zoo Story 2 lets them collaborate with friends by gifting raw materials to one another.

Zoo Story 2™ - Best Pet and Animal Game with Friends!

His full name is Leonardo, but his friends call him Leo! Not Da Vinci, not DiCaprio, but still famous for his work! Meet Leo, the architect!

With a few clicks and a simple download it can allow you to take on almost any role imaginable - from zombie killer to racing car driver to LEGO wizard. Thanks to TeamLava's latest entry in the 'Story' series - Zoo Story — you can realise your dream of running your very own zoo. Unfortunately, with numerous animals to buy, breed, and feed, attractions to build and maintain, and customers to keep happy, your dream can soon turn into a slog. This guide aims teach you the basics of Zoo Story , set you on the right path, and prepare you for continued success. The stuff you need to know Running your own zoo can be a tiring business, even if it's virtual. Jobs and tasks in Zoo Story cost a single point of energy to complete, which is displayed as a yellow bar at the top of your screen.

A fine and fancy ramble: Zoo Story hints, tips, and tricks

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Raise families of cute animals and watch them play with their unique babies! Adorable, playful baby animals are waiting to be raised by you. Everything is better in Zoo Story 2!

Apr 29, - Like all freemium games, Zoo Story contains two types of currency - coins If, however, you're like me and you don't have any friends (who are.

Discussion in ' Friend Requests ' started by felixwhoals , Apr 23, Apple iPad Forum. Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Feb 23, Messages: 4 Thanks Received: 0. Hi there, Please add me to zoo Story: felixwhoals.







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