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How to get man and van work

Ahmed had an injured back and needed to move a number of items from one house to another in Hounslow. Florin did a bit of a garage clearance and needed to dispose of some unwanted items. Recycling, moving house, trip to Ikea? Our network of man and van drivers are ready to quote now.

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How to set up a man and van small removal business

If you own a van, there's a whole range of jobs you can do to make money. This can either be as your main source of income, or just something that you do on the side in your spare time. All of the van business ideas in this list can be done without needing any specific qualifications other than a driving licence. Here's 13 ways you can make money with a van:. Vans offer a lot more space than cars which means you can either transport a higher volume of items, or you can carry bigger and heavier objects e.

Focusing on the larger items that people won't be able to get in their car will be the easiest way to get business for your van. You don't necessarily have to beat the store delivery price - being able to deliver items as soon as they've been purchased should be enough to generate interest in your service. Similarly, you could offer a 'last mile' delivery service to local businesses - often this is the most challenging and expensive part of the logistics journey.

If you can prove yourself to be a reliable and professional courier, companies are likely to use your service again. If you're in good physical shape and are happy to do a lot of heavy lifting and manual labour, using your van for a removals business is a viable option. People are always moving house so there will never be a shortage of opportunities.

However, what you have to consider is that you will need at least one other person to help you. Alternatively, you can brand your business as a stereotypical 'man and van' operation where you offer your van and an extra set of hands to help a customer shift things.

The best way to make money from this van business idea is to target local businesses because they don't get free waste disposal - they have to pay for it as a business expense. Try calling round businesses in your area to see how much they're paying for their waste disposal service and offer them a better quote. You can help them save money and earn a tidy profit yourself.

In addition, you can offer a rubbish removal and recycling service to domestic customers. Instead of taking several trips to the dump in their car, some people would rather pay for someone else to take their unwanted items away for a small charge. Collecting and selling scrap metal can be a good little side business that you can do in your spare time. It largely relies on being opportunistic by finding skips or piles of rubbish outside people's homes.

However, it's not always easy to find and some metals are worth more than others. You can apply for one through the Post Office. If your van is sitting idle and you don't have the spare time to complete any additional jobs, you could rent it out for other people to use. This is a risky business idea because you're trusting people to bring the van back and keep it in good condition.

You might need to invest in a tracking device and some legal protection. In addition, any customers you manage to get will need to arrange their own insurance. Alternatively, you can offer your services as a van and driver business.

This works in a similar way to a traditional 'man and van' business, but instead of having to do any of the leg work, you're only being employed as a driver. Primarily, this type of service is used by people who don't have a driving licence. Crew vans and double cab pick-up trucks offer five passenger seats with enough space to transport everyone in comfort.

If you live near an airport, a van is the perfect vehicle to carry out an airport shuttle service. There's lots of room in the back for suitcases and additional luggage without compromising on passenger space. Similarly, you could offer a service that takes people to their medical appointments. This would be particularly useful for elderly and disabled people that can't drive and don't have anyone else available to take them.

Thanks to their weight and size, vans make perfect towing vehicles. If you're comfortable towing a trailer or caravan you can provide a towing service to help people move boats or other large objects. In addition, if there's a local caravan dealership, you could partner with them to offer a delivery service to their customers. All you need is tow bar and money for fuel which you can incorporate into the cost of the job. Promotional events require of a lot of marketing materials to be transported and set up.

You could use your van to act like a 'roadie', moving the material to different locations, setting it up and dismantling it once the event has finished. Once you know the set-up process, this becomes a very easy way to make money with your van because it's essentially a delivery job with only one drop-off.

While there are many different businesses you can start with a van, most of them require some level of skill e. A cleaning business only needs minimal funds to get started and no previous experience. Depending on the amount of time you have available, you can choose to have residential clients or you could target offices and retail spaces. Many companies will outsource their office cleaning to small agencies.

A van will provide plenty of space to store all your cleaning products. If you're planning for the business to be your main source of income, you could even consider specialising in a certain type of cleaning - for example, construction clean-up or carpet cleaning.

Buying fresh drinks on the go has become a major trend in the UK and something that you can take advantage of with your van. The two most popular beverages are coffee and juice. You can either choose to convert your van into a self-contained service area, or you can invest in a cart or trailer that you can tow around using your van. The most popular locations for pop-up coffee bars and juice bars tend to be shopping centres, markets and events; however, to be able to serve anything from your van, it's likely that you'll need to have a street trading licence.

Although finding a pitch can be challenging, once you're settled, it can be easy to build a reputation and regular custom. Typically a valet service is static and involves people bringing their vehicles to you. However, with a van, you'll have enough space to carry all the equipment and set up a mobile valet business. The main advantage of this is that people can get their cars washed when it's convenient for them - they don't even need to take any time out of their day.

Setting up your service in a busy industrial estate or retail park will provide you with a lot of footfall and opportunities. Your van is a blank canvas that you can sell to other businesses.

Think about buses and cabs - they have designated areas which can be sold as advertising space for marketing campaigns. If you drive around in your van a lot and don't have signwriting to advertise your own business, you could be earning money without doing any extra work. If you've been inspired by any of our ideas above but don't have a van yet, we've got a range of used vans that you could use to make some extra money.

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Man and Van Frequently asked Questions

We are open for business. We follow social distancing and wear gloves at all times. We enjoy our success thanks to our numerous happy customers.

Looking to move house in but wary of how much it is going to cost? Only later to be rang up by an angry client wondering where they had got to. It turns out he was living on the Kings Road in Richmond!

Starting a man and van business turns out to be a very good opportunity for UK citizens who want to start their own career quick and make a stable profit out of it. There is a solid demand for this service that is constantly increasing for many reasons:. In this article…. Before you start a man and van business, make sure this is the business you want to make investments in.

Man and Van West London

Free - No obligation. Have you recently made the decision to move? Then enlisting the help of a man with a van is definitely worth considering. Their services are cost effective and will save you a lot of hassle. This page will guide you on their prices, services, as well as hiring tips. For small moving projects, a man with a van is great value for your money. Their rates are relatively cheap for smaller moves—from transporting a few furniture items to moving out of a 2-bedroom flat. Sometimes, you are able to request a fixed price instead of an hourly charge for a man with van rental. This might be advantageous for you if you want to prepare for possible delays and protect yourself from extra hourly costs. Also important to note is that some man and van professionals set a minimum charge.

How to Start a Man with a Van Business

Starting a new company of any kind is simple enough. Give HMRC a call and let them know what you want to do — or just do it online. But starting a business, even a seemingly simple man and van business, is only the first step in a long, but rewarding journey if done right. These are words to live by so above all, letting people know who, where and what you are should be at the forefront of anything you do to promote or advertise yourself when starting a new man with a van business. If people are searching Google for your company name regularly as opposed to searching for a generic service, you will gain authority in the local search rankings for your chosen keywords and higher rankings means more business.

As recent developments in technology give small businesses the ability to reach a large audience at little to no cost, many people are beginning to go down the route of self-employment.

The number of people planning to move house has doubled over the last year. When these people put their plans into place, they will no doubt need a person to help them transport their furniture and belongings between their old dwellings and their new in a vehicle of some kind. Many of these shoppers will again require a delivery person and a vehicle to bring them the goods. That person could be you.

Getting Man With a Van Quotes is Easy on Shiply

Here, we look at the key factors to consider when setting up and growing your own small removals business in There are a variety of different types of removals businesses to opt for. Starting a removals business is one of those instances where you will have a hard time working on your own.

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With the recession biting and economic climate looking bleak on the job front. Why not try and set yourself up as a self employed man and van service. Start working for yourself making a living undertaking small removals and local deliveries. A man and van services offers an alternative service to the public. Making it cheaper to move belongings and furniture instead of them having to hire a van with all the additional costs involved. In the UK at the moment with the price of fuel and labour it can be quiet expensive.

13 Businesses You Can Start With A Van

Deliveries by transport providers are going ahead as planned. Learn more. Current Location. Just make a listing on Shiply and man and van companies will send you quotes to your inbox. A man and van service is perfect for delivering something from A to B, like a small home removal, or as a courier for delivering furniture, appliances or other large items moved that you cannot collect yourself. Independent van drivers are usually much more flexible than large courier organisations and will handle a wide variety of loads.

Welcome to A Man With A Van London, the best value for money, honest, reliable and hard-working man with a van company based in London. Get Instant.

We are a family run business offering a professional friendly and reliable man and van services in Manchester. Our drivers are courteous and very helpful and can offer good advice. They provide basic information to the most commonly asked questions covering most topics. Need to pack up and move in the middle of the night? Throughout our history we have encounter many unusual and bizarre moves so if you have an odd enquiry this will not come has a surprise.

Free - No obligation. Thinking of hiring a man with a van hire company? No matter what sort of moving job you need done, it is certainly worth considering a man with a van company.

If you own a van, there's a whole range of jobs you can do to make money. This can either be as your main source of income, or just something that you do on the side in your spare time. All of the van business ideas in this list can be done without needing any specific qualifications other than a driving licence. Here's 13 ways you can make money with a van:.





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