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How to make a girl get emotionally attached

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Okay, obsession may be a strong word, but there are biological reasons why women become more emotionally attached to their lovers than men do. At the turn of the 21st century studies were conducted to better understand romantic attachment. The results were quite jarring to say the least and it was discovered that orgasms cause both oxytocin and vasopressin to be released from the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for pleasure and mating. Although the two neuropeptides associated with continued attachment are secreted in both men and women, oxytocin and vasopressin have stronger influence on women.

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The Truth Behind Why Women Find It Harder To Have Casual Sex Than Men Do

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You know that sexually transmitted disease that the majority of men never experience symptoms of? Not HPV, the other one: emotions. I've had them. I'm pretty sure every woman reading this right now has had them. Men have actually them, too. They may not know it, but they certainly do spread them.

I am not in the position to say whether casual sex is good or bad for women. I can say, though, that it is more difficult for women than for men. I have found myself in several of these "casual" relationships throughout my 20s, and each time, I feel as though I am trapped by what I want and what I feel. I became curious as to why this was, and why so many women are dealing with the same struggle, while men seem to be unfazed by the whole phenomenon. I am all about gender equality, but I also don't think we get anywhere by ignoring some fundamental differences between men and women, particularly when it comes to sex.

Can women have sex like men? Will it affect us differently? The fact that men and women are different is hardly a revolutionary concept. While our behaviors can help us explain how we are different, most people are unaware as to why. Simply put, it has to do with the way our brains work. So there you have it: a scientific explanation as to why after sex, women are left wondering if and when she will hear from a guy. All the while, guys are scrolling through Tinder on their couch, wondering if that chicken parm they ordered an hour ago is actually on its way.

Perhaps I'm generalizing, but I think I just accurately described many of you. How can we expect to completely detach when our brains simply process and experience more emotion than our male counterparts? When it comes to safe sex, especially for women, it isn't just our physical health we need to worry about. We need to understand how our emotional health is at risk, as well.

I'm not suggesting we all save ourselves for marriage. I'm just saying, until someone discovers a condom for emotions, we need to be a little smarter about the decisions we make and how they affect us.

Oxytocin is a chemical released in both men and women after we have sex, just in very different doses. Who receives more? WE DO! It is called the "attachment molecule," the "cuddle hormone," or as I like to call it, "what makes women crazy. Jokes aside, it serves a very important role as the agent that bonds a mother to her child, as women experience a substantial wave of it during childbirth.

It's what gives women their nurturing instinct. That instant emotional bond we have to the human that comes out of us, we feel a similar bond to the human that Do I really need to finish that sentence?

We get it. Women are programmed to become emotionally attached as a survival method, to ensure security for their children. Men, on the other hand, are programmed to detach. So what happens when women no longer have the same agenda they used to? What if we are not, in fact, having sex to stay together and procreate?

When applied to casual sex, oxytocin can create a sense of attachment to someone we don't really know that well. It's kind of like beer goggles in that it makes someone appear more attractive than he or she actually is. Ladies, have you ever slept with a guy you didn't particularly like that much, but then it bothered you that you didn't hear from him? That would be oxytocin. Not only does it create a greater sense of attachment, it also enhances the trust circuits in our brains.

Brizendine writes:. Perhaps this could explain why we hear so many women referring to that mysterious "connection" they felt, while simultaneously ignoring huge red flags that should make them want to run the other way.

Oxytocin is like a drug, and because of that, when we don't get our next fix, we can experience various degrees of withdrawal. It creates a craving for bonding, so when we don't get it, we become anxious and irritable. We confuse this craving with feelings towards the person, when in reality, it is simply a biological need that is no longer being met when we engage in one-night stands, or certain casual sex relationships.

We are not, in fact, powerless over our emotions. In other words, just because we think one way, doesn't mean we have to act said way. Simply being aware of our brain's chemically altered state can help us respond to these feelings in a more rational way.

If we can recognize that it might be the oxytocin making us feel attached to someone, we can recognize that it might just be that: a chemical reaction. In this case, casual sex can be much more manageable. If we were slaves to our impulses, drug addicts would never be able to recover. Anyone struggling with obesity would never be able to lose weight.

Couples would never be able to fight the urge to be unfaithful. Just because we want something doesn't mean we have to have it or that it's even good for us. Usually, the worse it is for us, the more we want it. To say women cannot partake in casual sex if they so choose to do so would be disempowering. My goal is the opposite. However, we can't empower ourselves without understanding ourselves.

Avoiding, repressing or denying the fact that we are, biologically, emotional creatures will not help. The only way to manage our emotions is by becoming aware of them and why they exist in the first place. You might feel like there is a connection after you have slept with someone, but look at the facts: How much do you actually know about him? Are you blindly trusting him or have his actions given you reason to do so?

Now, when I start sleeping with someone, I remind myself: Even though my brain might think up a few of those "Will I hear from him? It is only human to chase a high we once felt. However, if you are sleeping with someone who isn't giving you what you need, do not delude yourself into thinking more attention from him will alleviate those "withdrawal" feelings. You may get your fix, but you will just be left wanting more. If you sense early on that this guy is only interested in one thing, be honest with yourself about how that makes you feel when it becomes a reality.

Anxiety early on in relationships is usually a telltale sign that something is off. You read nutrition labels; you don't smoke cigarettes; you wash your hands before you eat. You are careful about everything you put into your body, so why not apply that to sex? We shouldn't be so naive as to think we can be sexually involved with someone on the regular and have absolutely no emotional consequences.

I'm not saying we shouldn't indulge. I'm just saying, think about it before you do it. My final words of wisdom: You do you, girl, or let him do you. Either way, now you know what exactly is going on in that head of yours. By Katie Haller. I'm also not saying this is true for all women, just most. What is oxytocin? What does oxytocin do? Brizendine writes: "These hormones activate the brain circuits for nurturing behavior while switching off the caution and aversion circuits.

In other words, when high levels of oxytocin and dopamine are circulating, your judgment is toast. The good news: We are not, in fact, powerless over our emotions.

Larry Young, author of "The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction," writes: "…because genes or a molecule modulates a behavior, it doesn't mean those genes or molecules determine that behavior. How to screw without getting screwed: To say women cannot partake in casual sex if they so choose to do so would be disempowering.

Look at the situation from both an emotional and rational perspective: You might feel like there is a connection after you have slept with someone, but look at the facts: How much do you actually know about him? Pay attention to the negative feelings as much as the positive: It is only human to chase a high we once felt. Know what you're getting yourself into: You read nutrition labels; you don't smoke cigarettes; you wash your hands before you eat. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

This Is Why Strong Girls Get Attached So Easily

Reviewer Whitney White, MS. An emotionally attached person may feel connected to another person based on their personal feelings or emotions for them. A person may feel attached to another after their relationship has ended. Some may have an emotional connection with another person without being in a relationship, but not realize they are falling for someone deeply.

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He'll fall so madly in love he won't ever want to let you go. In short, it's understanding the key factors of how to make a guy fall deeply in love with you by first getting him to become emotionally attached. The reason for this isn't that men are "commitment phobes," as so many would have you believe. As we all know, physical attraction fades over time, and it's the quality of our emotional connection with each other — or the lack thereof — that makes or breaks a relationship. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved for who they are, but many women make the mistake of dating a guy for his potential, i.

Why Women Get More Attached (Blame Biology!)

An emotional connection is one of those fleeting, powerful things that can seem all too rare and all too outside one's control. It can seem like it's just chance when you happen upon one -- as if but by the grace of God it came into being. But it doesn't have to be. Just like succeeding with women in general -- just like figuring out how to launch businesses and succeed financially -- just like anything in life -- the ability to build an emotional connection is something that can be learned. Most people don't like to hear that. Most people want to think that all in life is pure happenstance and nothing other than fate determines the outcome of their lives. But those of us actively in pursuit of bettering ourselves and of mastering the skills to control our own destinies know better -- that a lot less in life is chance than most folks think. And learning to connect with people on an emotional level is one of the most powerful, practical, wide-reaching skills you can possibly learn. If you haven't given much thought to this one before, it's high time you started. What the idea of "the other" holds is that every person sees everything else in the world -- including every other human being -- as being either the same as him or herself -- or other.

How Do You Know When You’re Emotionally Attached To Someone?

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. By continuing to browse the site you consent to the use of cookies. Learn more. You enjoy spending time with her, your sex life has started off with a bang, and you would like to move this relationship forward into a more serious state.

Reviewer Whitney White, MS.

True and genuine interaction with woman can bring you unprecedented joy and can be a great lifetime booster. But as anything important in life, it takes effort, time and devotion. No input, no output - life is fair actually. Log in Facebook.

11 Ways To Get Physically Intimate With Someone Without Getting Emotionally Attached

Whenever he feels good you feel great. It makes you extra happy to have him flash a smile at you. To you, their smile is the best curve in the world.

Want to be the man that she constantly thinks about? We women desire to be wanted by a man just like a man desires to be wanted from a woman. But the ultimate connection happens when you understand how a woman thinks. We are completely different than men in the way we process things and in terms of what makes us fall in love. I invite you to leave comments or ask questions below in the comment section as I always love hearing from you!

8 Ways to Build an Emotional Connection with a Woman

You have to set boundaries fairly early on. You have to establish a set of rules for the both of you to follow — and you must both agree to these rules. And the moment that either one of you breaks these rules, then you have to end it. Be very strict with your boundaries and expectations. That would be cruel. The less you interact with this person outside of your physical relationship, the better it would be. It helps a lot to not be engaging with a person if you want to maintain a sense of emotional detachment and distance with them. Keep things physical.

If you want to make a guy fall in love with you, it's important to understand what makes a man feel deeply emotionally attached to a woman.

The fact that you flirted with her was enough. The fact that you gave her attention was enough. The second that you smiled at her, it was all over.

10 Signs A Man Is Emotionally Attached To You

You know that sexually transmitted disease that the majority of men never experience symptoms of? Not HPV, the other one: emotions. I've had them.

How to Build an Emotional Connection

What is an emotional connection? If you listen, are there signs that tell you that you are bonding with someone? Why is finding that level of emotional security so difficult with the opposite sex?

It will send a shockwave of desire for you straight to his brain and he will HAVE to have you. In fact, when you do this


How To Build An Emotional Connection



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