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In February , I moved from Nashville to Denver. It was the first major, permanent move I made after graduating college, and I learned a lot. Before you can move, you need a destination. In many cases, someone else will make this decision. But if you know that you want to move and are trying to decide where to go, keep reading. How do you decide where to go?

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12 People On How They Coped Moving To A New City On Their Own

In , I left my comfortable circle of friends for a city halfway across the country. I quite literally knew no one in my new state — let alone in my new city. For starters, friends do not magically fall into your lap. Making friends requires effort, which means you can kiss those Friday nights a la pajamas and Netflix goodbye. It can be time-consuming and sometimes, even awkward. Remember the days when it was easy to bond with classmates?

Studies show that repeated exposure to a potential friend is an important and often overlooked part of forming a friendship. Attending classes is a good way to interact with people on a regular basis. After my latest move, I joined a boutique fitness studio, and began attending their workout classes and events on a regular basis. Before long, I was friends with the instructors and many of the members who went daily. Joining this community has introduced me to some of my best friends in the area.

One way to meet these future friends is by getting involved in a cause or project in your new home. Enjoy volunteering? Research nearby volunteer opportunities at www. Like socializing? Attend local events, fundraisers and gatherings in your community. Another way to find friends with similar interests is to join a club or social group that shares your passions. You can find social groups through www. Depending on where you move, you may also want to take advantage of what your new town has to offer.

Also, make sure to check out whether your alma mater has an organized alumni group in the area. Owning a dog will not only make it easier to meet your new dog-friendly neighbors, but it will also provide you with companionship during lonely times. Dogs can be a great conversation starter, making it easy to approach and be approached by neighbors and potential new friends. Studies also consistently show that owning a dog can lower anxiety, stress and loneliness while improving your physical health.

Dogs do require a good deal of responsibility and time, so make sure you carefully consider the decision first. Remember: all friends start out as strangers.

Moving is tough. So give it time and remember that you are an awesome person, who deserves other awesome people in your life. Just continue to put yourself out there. The right friends will find you eventually. Good luck! Learn More. Rent a Truck Boxes and Supplies. Move, Inc. Sites realtor. All Rights Reserved.

11 Ways To Meet Friends After Moving To A New City

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Not only do you deal with unfamiliar surroundings, but your social life hits the reset button, too. A couple years ago, he made a temporary move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, and lived there for three months. When he settled in LA, he knew only one person — an old college buddy from Penn State.

Starting over in a new city? You're probably excited, nervous, bursting with anxiety. You might also be super stressed — how will you do in a strange place all by your lonesome? If relocating solo is on your agenda, here's some advice for how to cope with feeling lonely when you move to a new city.

How to Make Friends in a New City: Helpful Advice From a Man on a Mission to Meet 10,000 People

Meeting and knowing the people who live nearby can create a sense of belonging and shared identity in your local area. Here are some easy tricks and tips to meet people both in your neighborhood and in the city after moving :. Inviting your new neighbors to a housewarming party is the perfect way to break the ice. It also gives you a reason to reach out without feeling uncomfortable. Important things to consider when having a party is what you will be serving. If you would like to serve meat, having chicken is usually your safest option. It is also important to consider those who do not eat meat. Having a large pasta dish is a great idea that way there is a filling alternative to the meat dinner. Serving a large salad with dressings on the side is also a good choice for your party.

6 Simple Steps to Making Friends in a New City

We always welcome visiting Redditors from other cities at our events! So what do we do at meetups? Here is where we can build and strengthen our community, by putting faces to the stories and opinions online. We discuss events current and relevant to our fair city, create contacts that may benefit you in life and work, and find out what matters to us as Austinites and how we can work to create a better city.

In , I left my comfortable circle of friends for a city halfway across the country.

Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, we all know it can be hard to make new friends. That's why it's good to keep in mind unexpected ways to make friends as an adult — because let's be real: Sometimes we all need a good group of people we can trust and have fun with. Even if you weren't the so-called "popular" kid in school, it's safe to say we all had some friends as adolescents, and likely made new friends when we went to college, studied abroad, got our first jobs, or so on.

How to Move to a New City (From Start to Finish)

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Sure, you probably still meet a lot of people through your job or just being out and about, but the kinds of deep relationships that came so easily in childhood are rarer to come by as you age. If you want to make friends after you move, you have to be willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone a little bit. There are a number of free apps that make it easier to connect with people and look for new friends the same way you might look for a new romantic partner. Use an app like Nextdoor to get better acquainted with your neighborhood and the people in it or check out MeetMe or We3 and pair up with likeminded people who live nearby. You can even try Bumble , which in addition to being a dating app also helps connect people who are just looking for friends. Get a deal on a new activity Sites like Groupon and Living Social make it easy to find fun activities in your new neighborhood at a steep discount, and provide a huge range of opportunities for getting out of the house and meeting new people.

9 Ways to Use the Internet to Make Friends After You Move

Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. One of the questions I get asked most often is how I make so many friends while traveling on my own. You can meet people while traveling, even if you are an introvert. If I can do it, you can.

It's crazy how hard it is making friends after moving to new city. For the meantime, I'd recommend joining some nearby clubs/leagues or maybe using meetup. Best.








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