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Toyota was mulling that over this week, too, and in a very public forum: Twitter. GTPlanet captured the now deleted tweet, in which Toyota responded that the automaker won't include its vehicles in games that "promote illegal street racing. The cat is out of the bag. Reports of four Zupras being used in production. We love that you want to see our cars in all your favourite racing games, and honestly, we want the same thing. Officially, Toyota Motor Corporation has no concrete plans to license its model range to any other games besides Gran Turismo Sport at the moment.

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Train 18 Officially Becomes The Fastest Train In India, Piyush Goyal Tweets Video

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If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Andy Jassy, chief executive officer of web services at Amazon. One of the companies on the frontline of all this is Amazon—of course, part of this is the huge influx of people turning to the e-commerce giant for all of their shopping needs.

Instead, it seems to me the company is putting customers ahead of its financials. Amazon customer Edmodo is a company that provides tools and education technology for K schools, students, and teachers. Its charter is to give its million worldwide members a secure, online space for collaboration and communication.

What might have been a useful tool before to schools suddenly became a necessity, as all classroom learning suddenly migrated online. According to the company, AWS and its EC2 instances allowed Edmodo to quickly ramp up and meet the new demands without interrupting services. To give you an idea of how much it had to scale up, the company says it had to increase its capacity by 15 times. That is no small feat. BlueJeans also says it utilized AWS instance types C,M and R with time-of-day scaling in order to better manage costs during the surge.

With the unemployment rate topping Imagine the time a claimant would have to wait on hold if there were 2, claimants waiting to get on the line before you. It also turned to Amazon Connect to deploy a cloud based call center, which it says was up and running in one afternoon. For that matter, it took all of 30 minutes for the organization to train its agents on the new technology so that they could work remotely they previously had to work from the state offices.

Needless to say, the U. Also in the realm of finance, Enova, one of the largest licensed U. Another side effect of the quarantine is that more and more people are holed up watching TV instead of going out on the town. Home entertainment streaming services have, really not surprisingly, also experienced a significant uptick in usage and new members.

Netflix, who needs no introduction, says AWS allowed it to quickly scale up its control plane services to meet the rising demand with the help of its Auto Scaling offering. As with the others, AWS was able to provide Pinterest additional capacity to keep the site up throughout the crisis. In a rapidly evolving global crisis, every week, every day, every hour can make a huge difference.

In addition to being a huge source of customer pain, downtimes can cost businesses a lot of money—and this is not a good time to be losing money. Beyond these companies mentioned, I would imagine many AWS customers are pretty happy with their public cloud selection right about now. Not many companies have the global scale and footprint to quickly scale up capacity to manage an unprecedented emergency such as this one.

Or speed. I believe Amazon does. Patrick was ranked the 1 analyst out of 8, in the ARInsights Power rankings and the 1 most cited analyst as ranked by Apollo Research. Patrick founded Moor. He has nearly 30 years of experience including 15 years as an executive at high tech companies leading strategy, product management, product marketing, and corporate marketing, including three industry board appointments.

Before Patrick started the firm, he spent over 20 years as a high-tech strategy, product, and marketing executive who has addressed the personal computer, mobile, graphics, and server ecosystems. Unlike other analyst firms, Moorhead held executive positions leading strategy, marketing, and product groups.

He is grounded in reality as he has led the planning and execution and had to live with the outcomes. Moorhead also has significant board experience. Please help us continue to provide you with free, quality journalism by turning off your ad blocker on our site.

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Today In: Cloud. Patrick Moorhead. Read Less. All Rights Reserved.

Mtv twitter roundup: baby lorenzo has a need for speed

Combining practical 'how to' skills with reflection on the place of each specialism in the industry, this guide features the skills needed to cover specialist areas, including writing match reports for sport, reviewing the arts, and dealing with complex information for science. The book will also discuss how specialist journalists have contributed to the mainstream news agenda, as well as analysing how different issues have been covered in each specialism, such as the credit crunch, global warming, national crime statistics and the celebrity culture in sport. Areas covered include:. Richard Orange is managing director of Orchard News Bureau Ltd, a media consultancy and online publishing business, which specialises in media law, local government and winter sports journalism.

If this is your first time registering, please check your inbox for more information about the benefits of your Forbes account and what you can do next! Andy Jassy, chief executive officer of web services at Amazon.

It's Top Gun Day! Strap on your aviators, grab a volleyball, and break out you best lines to celebrate 25 years of this American classic. While the official anniversary of the film's release date isn't until Monday the 16th according to IMDB , today's the perfect Friday to celebrate. But what does it take to participate? Top Gun Day's official site has compiled a list of 9 ways you can show your spirit:.

Twitter tests letting you choose who can reply to your tweets

Need for Speed Heat is creating a lot of buzz on the internet and in the gaming community. Fans were waiting from 2 years for the next car racing gaming from EA Studios. It received mixed reviews from fans worldwide. Toyota replied with the following tweet:. Apparently, NFS took a note of this and jumped in on the conversation. Toyota deleted their tweet from the account after NeedForSpeed handle replied to them. Drinks on me. Gaming nfs heat PC Games. I have some crazy love for softwares and gadgets. Follow my articles for latest updates on smartphones and technology along with some insights.

AWS, COVID-19, And The Need For Speed In Time Of Crisis

A new way to have a convo with exactly who you want. Last year, they rolled out a feature that lets you hide replies to your tweets , so this is another form of the same kind of moderation. But those who do… oh boy, are they abusing it. Time to try out this new Twitter feature……. Shadow of the Colossus is a boring video game.

When Draft time comes around, guys with elite speed tend to get first-round looks -- for good reason.

The internet is a place where people, most of the time, can post what they want without being judged. When companies have certain disagreements however, the outcomes can be rather funny and, in this case, savage. And the gamers were more than happy to throw some shade back at the car manufacturer.


The country's first engineless train will replace Shatabdi trains and will run between Delhi and Varanasi. Train 18, manufactured by ICF Chennai at a cost of Rs crore, recently became India's fastest train by hitting speeds of over kmph during a trial run on a section of the Delhi-Rajdhani route. The gleaming blue-nosed train comes fitted with amenities at par with the best in the world -- from on-board WiFi to a GPS-based passenger information system, touch-free bio-vacuum toilets, LED lighting, mobile charging points and a climate control system that adjusts the temperature according to occupancy and weather. The train will have two executive compartments which will have 52 seats each and trailer coaches will have 78 seats each.

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Why You Won’t Be Seeing the Toyota Supra in Racing Games Like "Need for Speed"


Aug 21, - Need for Speed (@NeedforSpeed) August 20, Twitteratis also jumped in on the conversation leading to some interesting tweets. Haha!


Top Gun Day 2011: Do You Feel the Need For Speed? (TWEETS)


AWS, COVID-19, And The Need For Speed In Time Of Crisis




The Need For Speed: Tom Cruise Tweets as Production Starts on ‘Top Gun’ Sequel




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