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Pregnant and need energy boost

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However, pregnancy is full of undesirable side effects hello, acid reflux! Stretching is also a godsend for achy joints and muscles, which is a common side effect of pregnancy. Just avoid doing any deep-back stretches, without consulting a doctor. For mum-to-be's struggling for ideas, there's lots of great YouTube videos which you can follow along from your own living room! Breakfast is especially important after a long night's sleep as your body is low on energy and micronutrients. Ensuring your breakie is made up of quality carbohydrates and proteins is essential for helping you feel both satisfied and energised.

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How can I boost my energy levels in pregnancy?

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Call us 03 There are several ways to combat excessive fatigue and get some energy back. Follow these tips to help boost your energy during pregnancy. Dehydration is a very common culprit of fatigue, and during pregnancy, your body needs more fluid to maintain its processes and help that baby grow. Getting your heart pumping and blood flowing can help combat fatigue and give you a boost of energy.

Many pregnant women find a daily walk beneficial, and other safe forms of exercise during pregnancy include prenatal yoga and water aerobics. Take naps as needed, even during your lunch break if necessary. Set yourself up for comfortable and restful sleep by using a pregnancy pillow, making sure your room is dark and free of distractions, and avoid eating before bed to dodge heartburn.

Anaemia is a major culprit behind fatigue, so taking your prenatal vitamin and eating iron-rich foods is essential to battling fatigue. In addition to iron-rich foods, try to incorporate foods that give you sustained energy.

Foods high in protein and fibre, like nuts, can help you feel fuller longer and give you extended energy, as opposed to processed and sugary snacks that can contribute to your fatigue. Stress and anxiety can make you flat-out exhausted. Pregnancy can heighten your anxiety and hormones, so make a concerted effort to manage your stress every day. You can do this through various forms of meditation, listening to music you like, writing, or anything else that calms and centres you.

If you feel overwhelmed, change your routine and delegate or drop responsibilities. Read More. Back to Blog. Date: August 17, Share This Post. Copy to Clipboard. What helps you feel more energetic? View More Blog.

Exhaustion During Pregnancy

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Replay May 8 HDLive! It's normal to feel absolutely dog-tired during pregnancy. In fact, most women find they need a great deal more sleep while pregnant, especially during the first and last trimesters. You may find your bedtime creeping earlier and earlier, and at the same time you may be hitting your snooze button more regularly.

How to Get Energy in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

All you want to do is lie down on a floor anywhere and just sleep. Most of you will feel fatigue during pregnancy, especially during early and late pregnancy. At these times, your body is producing new hormones and making a lot of changes to prepare for the hard work ahead which is exhausting creating a human being takes a lot of work! During early pregnancy, your body is in a hormonal free for all, which causes the production of more progesterone. This can make you feel sluggish and sleepy. All of these changes create extra effort for your body and may lead to fatigue. Mental and emotional stress can be added to the list of reasons you may be feeling fatigued.

Pregnancy-Safe Energy has Arrived

Giving up coffee was the hardest part of my pregnancy. I could hardly keep my eyes open, especially in my first and third trimesters. I looked for healthy natural alternatives to no avail. When our team began conceptualizing a safe, prenatal energy drink for pregnant women, I was thrilled.

Pregnancy fatigue during your first and third trimesters is a common annoyance. Here are some safe solutions to help boost your energy and combat exhaustion.

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Why Your Energy Tanks During Pregnancy—and How to Get It Back

When your energy is low, it's tempting to give in to cravings for caffeine and sugar — anything to help get you through the day. Instead, choose foods that are rich in protein or fiber to give your body the fuel it needs to keep going. Here are 10 of our favorites. At just 78 calories and 6 grams of protein, the egg is a protein powerhouse.

Too pooped to pop these days or meet friends for dinner, or make it halfway down that to-do list, or actually stay up for a prime time special — never mind the late show? Of course you are…you're pregnant! And while there may not yet be any evidence on the outside that you're busily building a baby, there's plenty going on inside at 9 weeks pregnant — and it's all hard work, the hardest work your body has ever done. What's more, your body's still in the process of manufacturing your baby's placenta which won't be complete until the fourth month. It's not surprising that you're always fighting fatigue — and feeling like you're fighting a losing battle. So what's an exhausted mom-to-be to do other than crawl into bed at the first opportunity?

10 energy-boosting foods

You want to be glowingly vibrant while pregnant, but you feel more like a beached whale. These feelings are completely normal, especially during the last trimester. Spending time taking care of yourself, though, can make a difference in your energy levels, and also give you the stamina you need for childbirth and the first few weeks of motherhood. Your body needs around 2, calories during pregnancy according to physician Aviva Jill Romm, author of "The Natural Pregnancy Book," published in Throughout the pregnancy, eat around 74 grams of protein every day, along with whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Your appetite may wane during the last few weeks, Romm writes, but you'll need to keep up that healthy diet to keep your energy up.

Aug 17, - It's normal to feel more tired than usual during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester, but you don't have to hibernate completely until.

These five tips from ob-gyns can help. And this isn't the regular kind of tired you feel after a long day. It comes out of nowhere, and it's a never-felt-anything-like-it, can-barely-make-it-through-the-day kind of tired. But while it might stink and make going to work or taking care of other kids seriously challenging , just know that being exhausted is totally normal.

Fatigue During Pregnancy

Call us 03 There are several ways to combat excessive fatigue and get some energy back. Follow these tips to help boost your energy during pregnancy.


Nothing wipes you out like a good dose of pregnancy. Growing a baby is tiring work! In fact, feeling tired is often one of the first signs of pregnancy , and that fatigue can linger as your pregnancy progresses. One of the reasons you feel so beat is the rise of the hormone progesterone, which is needed to maintain early pregnancy but can also have a sedating effect on women, explains Temeka Zore, MD , an LA-based ob-gyn and reproductive endocrinologist with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California.

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Being pregnant is hard work. You are growing another little person after all and your body is going through so many changes to make this all happen. If you follow a healthy pregnancy eating plan , exercise regularly and also take some time out to relax, you should feel really good but at times quite tired as your body makes all its necessary adjustments. Wholegrains Wholegrains like quinoa, brown rice, oats, wheat, bran, popcorn and corn, are great energy boosters as they provide B group vitamins which aid energy metabolism and tissue, including red blood cell, formation.

9 ways to give yourself an energy boost during pregnancy

Pregnancy is draining. Everyone always talks about the amazing parts of pregnancy, but there are also aspects of pregnancy that are tiring and can feel endless. To help you stay energised and feel good throughout the day, here are 8 ways to boost those levels. Avoid taking naps that are longer than 45 minutes as this can affect how you sleep during the night, but a little shut eye during the day can give you a needed energy boost. Eating small yet healthy meals every hours a day will help to keep your energy up; try to include carbohydrates, protein and fat in every meal. Gentle exercise can help to improve your overall mood and energy, and is also beneficial in keeping your body healthy.


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