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Random questions to ask your ex boyfriend

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Judy Kim and Lily di Costanzo. My friends and I spend more time than I'd like to admit discussing our past relationships.

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34 Questions You Secretly Wish You Could Ask Your Ex

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Do you miss your ex sometimes? As the weather changes, do you remember visiting amusement parks with them and eating their fried dough the food, obviously — I don't know what you were thinking of. Would it ever cross your mind to get back together with your ex? Depending on the relationship, it could be the right move for you. Relationships can end for a variety of reasons, such as distance, but that doesn't necessarily mean the people weren't meant to be partners.

So, getting back with an ex could definitely be a good idea for some of us. If you do want to get back together with your ex, it can be helpful to communicate about why the relationship ended the first time around. It's better if you have both put everything out in the open to avoid falling into old patterns and mistakes.

I have exes I would date again for sure if we lived in the same place, but there are some topics I'd like to cover before I jumped back in. If you've been missing your ex and want to give the relationship another chance, it could be worth reaching out to them when you're ready.

You may have your own ideas of why it ended , but it's also really helpful to hear what they think. Even if the two of you discussed it at length at the time of the breakup, it's very possible their feelings on it have changed. It's important to make sure you know where they stand on the breakup before you dive back in — that way, you can avoid making past mistakes. You're not trying to put them on the spot with this question — they don't have to pull out a degree and prove they've been working.

You just want to know if their thoughts on relationships have shifted and if there's any change in outlook that might affect the relationship. Be sure to share what you've learned as well — open communication is always healthy. Again, you're not trying to point fingers here. You're just trying to understand exactly how they felt about the relationship so you don't repeat past mistakes. Maybe your relationship ended very amicably, but it's still helpful to know if there's any part they wish they could rewind.

If you're going to ask them what they would have changed, it's important to listen to what they think you should have changed. This question isn't a chance for them to tell you what's wrong with you, it's a chance for you to communicate and iron out any past issues.

And maybe they thought you were perfect, in which case, asking this question is an especially good idea because that's a wonderful thing to hear! This can be any type of issue — anything from sharing toothpaste to having children is on the table. Asking this question will let you know what you're working with, and you'll know what you're jumping back into. Maybe you don't feel like any issues were left unresolved, but that's all the more reason to get their perspective as well.

The purpose of this question isn't to find out if you breaking up with them ruined their life forever although I'm not going to stand here and say I never thought about that. It's to find out if there were old issues in the relationship that had to do with them that maybe have cleared up. The willingness to work on problems is critical. No relationship is perfect, and there were probably some reasons why it ended the first time.

As long as they're on board to work through the issues with you, then getting back together with them can be a healthy choice. This is a great question to ask at the start of any relationship!

It gives you an idea of what they're looking for, and it can be really helpful when seeing if your visions for the future align. Just because your ideal relationships don't match doesn't mean it won't work out — it just provides you with context for why your partner wants certain things in a relationship.

Getting back together with an ex can be the right move for many. You liked them once, so why wouldn't you like them again? Before you dive back in, it can be really useful to ask them a few questions to make sure you're starting out on the right foot. And if it doesn't work out, that's totally OK too — you will find to person you're meant to be with.

Asking questions upfront ensures that the doors of communication will be wide open, as will the doors to your heart! By Ginny Hogan. But before you do, read on to find nine critical questions to ask an ex before you reunite.

This is question number one to ask an ex. If they're not into it, then it's not worth pursuing. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

20 Questions to Ask Your Ex after a Breakup to Heal & Find Closure

The worst thing about breaking up with your boyfriend besides the fact that you eat your weight in ice cream is that this person suddenly disappears from your life. You may even become a part of each other's families and you definitely know each other's friend groups. But now you have to get used to living life on your own and, well, it basically sucks.

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Most of my breakups have been relatively ugly and I have always cut my ex-lovers out of my life for good. So, after talking to some friends about it and long nights of tossing the idea around, I decided to do it; I decided to reach out and interview an ex of mine. I believed I was strong enough and could handle the answers whatever they might be. I agreed but a few days later she asked me for another favour.

15 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Ex

The tears have been shed and the sweatshirts have been returned. But, there is still a lot of confusion, which is why these questions to ask your ex after a breakup matter. A breakup rarely ends everything. It may end the technical parts of your relationship, but it likely left a lot of feelings and probably quite a few questions. I know you have a lot of unresolved feelings, but there are some questions to ask your ex after a breakup that will help you move on. When you are talking to your ex after a breakup, it is really the most beneficial if you do it in person. If you start texting your ex it can get out of hand. You can start saying things you might regret. When you are talking virtually you have an invisible wall protecting you from embarrassment or regret. When you text your ex, things can turn around and take you back into a potentially dysfunctional relationship.

35 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Ex After A Breakup

How depressed were you when we broke up? You told me that it was extremely sad for you, too, but I am pretty sure that you were more relieved than anything. Do you stalk my Facebook from time to time? Not that I do….

By Chris Seiter. Because no matter what your situation may be you need to learn how to keep a conversation going with your ex boyfriend if you want to have any chance of getting him back.

You and your boyfriend are walking together at the park. He's as attentive as usual. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Once you reach the restaurant, you order lobster tail.

Ex Boyfriend Tag Questions

Do you miss your ex sometimes? As the weather changes, do you remember visiting amusement parks with them and eating their fried dough the food, obviously — I don't know what you were thinking of. Would it ever cross your mind to get back together with your ex? Depending on the relationship, it could be the right move for you.

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If you've ever experienced a breakup, you are sure to know how it feels to have many questions unanswered. It doesn't really matter how it ended; whether you guys went out with a bang, or it was a mutual, peaceful parting of ways, there are most likely things you never got to say to your ex that are still bothering you months, maybe even years later. And this feeling is only made worse if you never got the closure you needed. But if you ever did get the chance to talk to your ex again about the two of you, what would you say to your ex? But if you've seen the recent trending video of past couple Ali and Andrew, you know that asking the questions you've had stored inside you can not only be awkward, but truly painful I'll be the first to admit, I definitely cried during that video. But as trying of an experience as it is, it could also help you grow, and learn from your past mistakes to help you in a new romantic situation.

Before You Get Back Together With Your Ex, Ask Them These 9 Questions

I'm Tatiana and am a firm believer in the power of holistic healing and home remedies! Apple cider vinegar for the win! Asking questions is by far the best way to get to know someone, particularly a new boyfriend! Funny and random is the way to be if you want to catch your boyfriend off guard! Take a look at this list of funny questions to ask your boyfriend and take a few! Make a date night out of it! Turn on your favorite playlist, get out some snacks and drinks, and chill out on the sofa, asking each other funny questions that will ultimately help you get to know each other better too!

Dec 24, - list of Ex boyfriend tag questions. Where have you been these days? How did we meet? When did we meet? Where did we meet?

Nothing sucks more than being told you emasculated your partner. That is, when you weren't busy nagging him. Neither one is a good option, usually. He may have dropped the L-bomb first, but you want to know if he meant it. By Niki McGloster.

12 Questions to Ask Before You Get Back Together With an Ex

Subscribe to our newsletter. Going through a breakup with an S. Per an eHarmony rep, 41 percent of the women who participated in the survey admitted to getting back together with a former S. But there are also women who feel like they might be able to change their [exes], so they might go back down that difficult road.

8 Painful Questions To Ask Your Exes

Ex boyfriend tag questions are not something to revisit your pain. A breakup is definitely one of the hardest feelings in this whole world. When a person bids goodbye, he takes away all the charms and dreams with him, only a few memories are what left behind. But, some decisions might sound hard to take but provide us a wide ambit of scopes to learn something.

A life without him will be your new reality and all the moments that included him will come back to you from time to time but you will settle in overtime. No matter how far away you have come from him leaving everything related to him behind, there will always be something nostalgic about the relationship that did not go anywhere and you will want to ask him some things that make you curious to this day.


37 Ex-boyfriend Tag Questions To Help You Gain Closure



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