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The big guy packs lords mobile

Brave a chaotic world with your army, led by powerful heroes that bring unique buffs and skills to battle. Build up your base of command by building new structures, upgrading them, training new units, researching buffs, and more to help you achieve your domination goals. The game features large-scale siege wars and RPG-style hero battles where players take on dungeons and unleash hero skills to progress your hero skill trees and gain new equipment. Slay monsters across the world map or scout out and attack other players for their resources. Join a guild and take up arms against your foes as a group, capturing resources and bases across the map as a team for special rewards.

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Posted By: John March 18, Numbers should be taken as an estimate. Go hit monsters if you want gear. Thus you will want to have gear sets for all sorts of different situations and swap them in and out based on what you are doing at the moment. Quick swap is worth it. Your profile is saved even if you upgrade the grade of your equipment. The dividing line between F2P equipment and P2P equipment is the ultra rare material. Ultra rare materials have an extraordinarily low drop rate from monsters, as well as a low drop rate from boxes.

The only feasible way to get ultra rare materials at a reasonable rate is via packs. Any drops aside from the ultra rare materials are essentially worthless. You will almost always have more than enough non-ultra rare materials. So that legendary frostwing claw? That being said, every event monster has a F2P variant of the equipment that does not use ultra rare materials, F2P gear generally has a lvl level requirement, and is crap compared to the lvl 60 versions of gear.

Any gear you can gather is considered F2P. We believe that there is a correct troop type you need to gather with to increase rare material drops.

Army Capacity is very important, it increases the amount of loot your troops can hold. So when looting, put on your Army Capacity and Move Speed to loot faster.

Two if you are not C25 yet see advanced guide for why delaying C25 is a good choice Other F2P research gear use materials you need for your Lunar Flutes and Sentinel Circlets. It is okay to have them 1 grade lower than your lowest lunar flutes, like make the calvary mail blue after you get 3 purple lunar flutes.

In addition there are the Noceroes and Gryphon gear. The ultra rares are lightning vials and gryphon cores in Lords Mobile. There is a labyrinth monster terrorthorn that has a good droprate of these so save your holy stars if you are low budget. In addition if you are buying material madness for combat gear, the monstrous chests include lightning vials and gryphon cores. Doing higher damage does not improve drops.

We talk about it a little more in the general guide. Using move speed gear is a close approximation. This should be the last priority. Note, if people start buying the material madness pack and less of the individual monster packs, IGG will nerf the material madness pack.

So this advice is liable to be changed in the future. It comes with 20 monstrous chests and monster boxes. Be on the lookout for monstrous chests, some other event packs include them. The purpose of gear is to make you stronger in Lords Mobile.

The best way to get stronger is by working on the military research tree. All of the pre gear gets very outclassed by the post 60 gear. We would not waste ultra rares on pre gear sets. Get your research done first. They use materials you need for your lunar flutes and sentinel circlets. Once you have 3 gold lunar flutes and 3 gold sentinel circlets, you can consider making them if you still would like them. Of note: Burning scrolls are a good budget choice for accessories.

Even if you have the best full infantry gear in the game you are better off using ranged with no gear against cav than infantry with amazing gear. In addition material madness lowers the cost of gear and balances out your material across many different important monsters. So making a mixed set is cheaper than say a helldrider only set.

The weight is heavily geared towards attack. We believe the more troops you kill, the easier your follow up hits are. So attack is by far the most important stat. Ultimately the lvl 60 gear choices involve how much stats you are willing to give up in exchange for cheaper gear.

Burning Scrolls are just as good as blight rings, and cost less. Material Madness means that your materials will be spread across many different kinds of monsters. So you will want a mix for your accessories, rather than 3x one accessory. That being said, if you are only going to get material madness, it will be very hard to get a gold frostwing greatsword as there are no frostwing chests in material madness.

So the Saberfang is easier to make. Jewels are incredibly important in Lords Mobile. Upgrading them to Epic and legendary are going to give you a ton more. Or you just skip the pack entirely.

Champion only starts beating Monster Gear once you take it to gold. If there is anything you are missing in this Gear Guide for Lords Mobile, do not be afraid to let us know! Lords Mobile by IGG. Kyla May 18, at am Reply. Your link to the Imgur site takes you to a page with nothing on it.

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Lords Mobile on PC: The Ultimate Hero Guide

There are very few combinations which will fit these heroes, so we have to fall back to the all-rounders. Watch out for assassin comps! I might revise the defense mid-week, but so far this is what has given me the highest win rate when defending.

Giants live their lives at a much slower pace. A day for them could be a century for the other races.

ALL Select 1 Page. Is big guy relevant anymore? Does he stand out in the story mode more than the other tanks? Only you can decide if he's worth it, but if you still can't make up your mind after 4 months the answer is probably no. I'm going to repeat myself: For everything Big Guy can do there is a f2p substitute that can do that aswell.

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This is a great help me to understand the true meaning of gold for Heroes. Thank you for your time. Post a Comment. December 17, There are four different types of characteristics that are important determining factors of various aspects of a hero. This is a fixed characteristic and cannot be changed. Unknown August 20, at AM.

Best Heroes 2018 – Lords Mobile

When it comes to Lords Mobile, we always think of how important it is to have a powerful hero, and as we all know there is no BEST hero, it all depends on game modes and what you want to be. This article was written by laststandb and it's going to recommend some P2W heroes to you. It will tell you which ones are worth Buying, and what levels to buy them too. Make sure you are buying the braveheart packs before you go down the P2W hero line. One-Eye strong!

Posted By: John February 23, This is going to be a guide to the P2W heroes.

Not everything in life comes with hard work. Sometimes you just need to cheat. And with the packs in the Lords Mobile Store, you can buy your way to success for the cheap price of real money! Yes, real money.

Lords Mobile – A Complete Guide to Gear

Posted By: John March 18, Numbers should be taken as an estimate. Go hit monsters if you want gear. Thus you will want to have gear sets for all sorts of different situations and swap them in and out based on what you are doing at the moment.

There are many heroes in Lords Mobile and each one offers different abilities. It may be hard to choose among them and form the perfect team of heroes, especially for beginners. In this guide, we are going to explain hero archetypes, give a list of all heroes in the game, and provide general tips to use them more efficiently. There are a total of 44 heroes in Lords Mobile. All of the heroes have personal stats, such as health, attack power, and attack type.

The Only Paid Packs You Should Ever Buy in Lords Mobile

Giants live their lives at a much slower pace. A day for them could be a century for the other races. When One-Eye woke from his afternoon nap he realized that hundred of years had passed and his friends were gone. In order to fit in better, he traded his long life for a Human-sized body. Perhaps he won't be alone anymore. Want to dominate the Colosseum for the free gems? Then Big Guy is your man, he seems to always be in top 1, F2P players can't compete with him -- so don't try.

Apr 25, - There are many heroes in Lords Mobile and each one offers different Berserker, Grove Guardian, Shapeshifter, Steamboat, The Big Guy.


The Big Guy







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