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The woman in black the funeral of mrs drablow analysis

Arthur is the main character and the narrator. In the first and last chapters we see him as a man approaching old age. The youthful Arthur Kipps is a privileged, well-educated, ambitious, adventurous, impatient, arrogant, brave and foolhardy. Therefore allowing the reader to identify with the character. After the death of Stella and his baby he is a broken man.


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The Woman in Black, Essential Revision Notes

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Number : Class : K. Introduction The woman in black is a horror film adapted from the novel by Susan Hills with the same title.

The style of the novel is traditional gothic novel with the genre ghost story. Susan Hills is a famous author of fiction and non-fiction story including ghost story born in Yorkshire which is used as the background of The Woman in Black novel. Meanwhile the woman in black or Jennet Humfrye is performed by Elizabeth White.

It was later published in London on 10 February Though the story in the film presents some differences in details, it brings the same horror sensation. It runs in 95 minutes with almost full of creepy mood.

The summary is based on the story in general due to some differences between the story of film and novel in details. He works for a solicitor named Mr.

His job is helping people with their legal business. He is responsible of writing documents when land or buildings are sold or bought. He also prepares wills. He writes papers containing about to whom the money and property will be given when his clients died. He oftentimes goes to the funeral and arranges these papers to be given to the family of the dead person.

Once upon a time when he was at the age of twenty-three, he was asked to go to the funeral of an old Lady called Mrs. Alice Drablow in Yorkshire. He was asked to go to her house called Eel Marsh House to find some important documents to arrange the paper of her will.

Since Mrs, Drablow has no relatives in England, the solicitor is the one who responsible of her will. Though Arthur felt the address of the house is strange, he accepted to come to the funeral and get some important documents. At the train he got information about Mrs.

Drablow from a man who sat next to him. The man who was called Mr. Samuel Daily told him that Mrs. Drablow is a strange person living in a strange place, and she has no friends or relatives. He also told that possibly Arthur will be only person who comes to her funeral. Daily then drove him to an inn. In the next morning, Arthur was accompanied by Mr.

Jerome, Mrs. There were a few attendances and they all gave a strange look to Arthur. During the funeral Arthur saw a woman dressed in black who seems very ill. He told Mr. Jerome who did not say a word but made a strange sound. After the funeral, Mr. Jerome told Arthur that he should go to the Eel Marsh House when the tide is out of the Nine Lives Causeway and that someone called Keckwick will take him to pass the causeway.

Keckwick came to take him to the house with a pony and trap. He instantly felt that the house is so beautiful but lonely as they arrived in front of the house. It was a tall grey house near marshes and estuary. Keckwick reminded him that the tide will be out again in two hours, so that he should be hurry.

Arthur agreed but he said that he will be back tomorrow with some food so that he can stay at the house because two hours is not enough to do his job. When Arthur was walking in the field behind the house he saw the woman dressed in black.

She was the woman whom he saw in the funeral. The woman looked at him with a terrible hate look. He opened all the rooms, but there was a room that cannot be opened, and there was no key hole on its door. He opened some cupboards which were full of papers. When the day getting dark, he decided to walk out of the house and waited for Keckwick. Nevertheless, he sea-mist was too damp and dark. He could see nothing but heard a pony and trap.

He was relieved that Keckwick has come to rescue him. The sound of the pony did not even get closer to him, and suddenly there was a sound of a child crying. Arthur was so fear, so he walked back to the house and took some brandy to help him forgetting that terror. Keckwick was back at the mid-night because the tide was not out of the causeway and he has to wait until the mist cleared.

Arthur did not come back for days, he thought that he need a companion with him to go back to the house. He asked Mr. Jerome who refused and suggested him to back to London. Arthur met Mr.

Daily who was very welcome to him. Daily offered no help but a dog. Arthur thought that the female dog named Spider is enough to accompany him back to the house. He prepared some food and he went back to the house. His full day in Eel Marsh House was full of terror. He saw the woman in black again. At night, he heard a sound from the room which has no key hole, the room that cannot be opened at the first time he came to this house.

He used an axe to open the door by force. The room was tidy and full of toys for boy, there was rocking-chair, and suddenly he knew that the sound was from that rocking-chair. After examining the room, he decided to walk out of the house. When he turned to look at the house, he saw the woman in black was looking at them with terrible hate from the window of the boy bedroom.

Arthur was so fear. He stood still before he realized that Spider has sunk and nearly drowned into the mud. He saved to save her by diving into the mud.

And he succeeded. He looked back to the window of the boy bedroom and saw the woman in black looking at him, her eyes were full of hatred. He heard sound of pony and trap before he was fainting. When he opened his eyes, he was laying on a chair with Mr. Daily and realized that the sound of pony and trap was his.

Before leaving the house, Arthur decided to see the boy bedroom and see the woman in black. Nonetheless, he was shocked by the fact that the woman in black was not there and now the room was very untidy. The cupboards were broken and toys were all on the floor, but the rocking-chair stand still and looked like been pushed to the center of the room.

He decided to back to Mr. Daily and packed the documents which seemed interesting but untouched. Soon after they drove off, Mr. Daily offered him to stay with the Dailys. He found out that the woman in black whose name is Jennet Humfrye was Mrs. Drablow and her husband love the child whose name was Nathaniel but refused to see Jennet. Jennet then allowed to see her son but forbidden to tell who she is. Jennet was on her plan to take her son when the accident happened. She became mad and ill.

She put her finger of blame on her sister, Mrs. Drablow and she was dead twelve years later. After her death, people frequently saw her ghost, and every time her ghost seen, there was always a child died. One day, when he was in the park with his wife and his a-year-old son, he saw the woman in black look at him with terrible hate. He was shocked, and saw the pony and trap where his wife and son were in passed her and the pony lost control.

His son was dead in this accident and his wife was dead ten months later. Dia bekerja untuk pengacara yang bernama Mr Bentley. Tugasnya adalah membantu orang dalam urusan legalisasi. Dia bertanggung jawab untuk menulis dokumen penjualan maupun pembelian tanah atau bangunan.

WIB Chapter 4

Films adapted from books are a good thing; they introduce people to new authors and revisit cherished favourites. This is the case with The Woman in Black, and although I adore Daniel Radcliffe the film adaptation was sorely lacking in plot and menace. The Woman in Black, written in the Gothic style by Susan Hill, is actually a modern novel, only published in

In this chapter Kipps has arrived in Crythin Gifford and has met Mr Jerome, a quiet, to the point sort of man with onyl enoguh to say as is nessessary. Kipps goes with him to Mrs Drablows Funeral where he first sees the woman in black. At first it is not obvious that she is actually a ghost becuase kIpps describes her as a real person.

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A Look Back Through The Pages: The Woman In Black

The Woman in Black is a horror novel by Susan Hill , written in the style of a traditional Gothic novel. The plot concerns a mysterious spectre that haunts a small English town. A television film based on the story, also called The Woman in Black , was produced in , with a screenplay by Nigel Kneale. In , a theatrical film adaptation of the same name was released, starring Daniel Radcliffe. The book has also been adapted into a stage play by Stephen Mallatratt. It is the second longest-running play in the history of the West End, after The Mousetrap. The novel is narrated by Arthur Kipps, the young lawyer who formerly worked for Mr.

The Woman in Black, GCSE Essential Revision Notes

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The Woman in Black starts off in the present day. Arthur Kipps is gearing up to tell us about a terrible incident from his youth, which sets us up for a good old-fashioned ghost story:.

This book is a first attempt to map the broad context of performance studies from a multimodal perspective.

The Woman in Black is a stage play , adapted by Stephen Mallatratt. The play is based on the book of the same name by English author Susan Hill. It is notable for only having three actors perform the whole play. It was first performed at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough , in

The Woman in Black Summary

The Woman in Black. Plot Summary. Bentley Mr.

Arthur looks back with a grim sense of irony on his younger, innocent self. The Woman in Black is described vividly:. Indeed, it had clearly been dug out of some old trunk or wardrobe, for its blackness was a little rusty looking. A bonnet-type hat covered her head and shaded her face, but, although I did not stare, even the swift glance I took of the woman showed me enough to recognise that she was suffering from some terrible wasting disease, for not only was she extremely pale, even more than a contrast with the blackness of her garments could account for, but the skin and, it seemed, only the thinnest layer of flesh was tautly stretched and strained across her bones, so that it gleamed with a curious, blue-white sheen, and her eyes seemed sunken back into her head. Her hands that rested on the pew before her were in a similar state, as though she had been a victim of starvation. Though not any medical expert, I had heard of certain conditions which caused such terrible wasting, such ravages of the flesh, and knew that they were generally regarded as incurable, and it seemed poignant that a woman, who was perhaps only a short time away from her own death, should drag herself to the funeral of another.

Post a Comment Got a question or a comment? I'd love to hear it. Hill uses the ellipsis again, to indicate gaps that cannot be filled, a hollow where fear can settle. In this story, we know how Kipps will be affected, something which increases the tension at all points as he hurtles towards something too horrible to describe directly. Later, his, and our prejudices will be overturned. The last word links to the Daily and the landlord, who both become blank around the topic of Mrs Drablow, but with Jerome, the reason is different.

Record 5 - 10 - ➢Have fun working out your own version. Page Chapter 4: The Funeral of Mrs Drablow. Page

How does Susan Hill show Arthur Kipps is upset at the start of the novel? In the following extract, how does Hill use setting to create a sense of threat and danger? Although Susan Hill's Woman in Black was published in , you won't find shoulder pads or frizzy hair. Instead, it's full of steam trains and newfangled contraptions called "horseless carriages.

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He reminisces about how he first encountered the place and was overcome with a feeling of certainty that he was in some way connected with it while taking a ride with Mr. Bentley, his former employer. The step-children, aged between fifteen and twenty four, begin telling ghost stories around the fire. Arthur becomes uncomfortable but tries not to show it, all the while thinking that their childish fantasies were nothing like a real ghost story.





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