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Whats a wise guy mafia

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 10 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. All things being equal, Tony Soprano probably had it right: "There is no Mafia! In the next breath, in a rare show of paternal trust, Tony allowed, "Some of my money comes from illegal gambling and whatnot.

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Gambino murder sparks Mafia rumor mill: ‘A couple of guys got to get killed now’

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? A longtime member of organized crime recounts his criminal career, his involvement in the six-million dollar Lufthansa robbery, and his decision to become a federal witness. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customers who viewed this item also viewed these digital items.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas. Audible Audiobook. Selwyn Raab. Henry Hill. The Godfather. Recommended popular audiobooks. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Book 1. Where the Crawdads Sing. If It Bleeds. From Publishers Weekly This is a riveting account of organized crime as a way of life.

The "wiseguy" mob parlance for a street-level hoodlum is Henry Hill, year veteran of a Brooklyn strong-arm branch of the Luchese crime family, who turned against and helped convict his former associates five years ago and entered the Federal Witness Protection Program. Hill's story becomes an extraordinary vantage on a demimonde that lives a high, violent, score-to-score life in which car theft, hijacking-to-order, credit-card scams, cigarette smuggling, and other hustles and schemes are as workaday as 9-to-5 at the office.

Literary Guild featured alternate. Foreign rights: Sterling Lord. Growing up in Brooklyn in the s Henry Hill aspired "to be a gangsterto be a wise guy. Smuggling, hijacking, union racketeering, credit card fraud, robbery, bribery, drug dealing, prison, marriage, and assorted girlfriends take up most of Hill's time and this story. The author may have faithfully portrayed his subject but neither Hill nor any of his activities provokes much interest.

The result is a plodding, episodic account which would have made a better magazine article than book. Hill's career ends with his becoming the ultimate wise guy as an informer under the Federal Witness Program. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. Don't have a Kindle? New and free. Meditate with Jesse Israel.

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. When I first began reading this book, I couldn't help but think, "I've already seen all this in the film. Slightly more accurate too. For those who don't know, this is the book upon which the film masterpiece "Goodfellas" was based.

In both, we learn the story behind a low level mobster from his childhood and first encounter with a Luchese family crew, to his eventual arrest and state's evidence producing adult. Henry Hill always wanted to be a gangster, and when he went across the street to get a job at the local cab stand, his new "family" life began.

The book goes into quite a bit more detail than the film common for novels-turned-movies and sets the record straight on many facts, names, and places that were slightly or sometimes greatly altered in the name of better cinema.

Yes, at times you will think you are reading the narration from the movie, and I even heard it in Ray Liotta's voice here and there, but if you liked the film, or have any interest in organized crime and its history, this is absolutely mandatory reading. The story behind the giant "Luftansa heist" is completely mind-bending. The tales of how many mobsters avoided "hard time" in prison is really incredible.

And of course, there is the moral of the story and the bottom line; once a mobster becomes a possible threat to his own "family," he is to be eliminated - no matter how close a friend or brother.

Read this book. It is a great companion to the film, and to the other books on mafia history. If you have seen the movie you need to read the book. The story of Henry Hill is vividly told in this book. From his start working at the cabstand, his time hustling in the military and his stints in prison.

All are told in this story. Many things that you did not get to see in the movie are contained in this book. Good for people that like true stories, or books on the mafia. An intriguing look at a man's daily activities as a member of a mafia crime family including a daring heist that took place and resulted in one of largest thefts in history. You also get a sense of the paranoia that Henry felt close to the end before being captured and ultimately becoming a "rat" against the family he once faithfully served.

Some side stories went on a little too long with too much detail and you can understand why the movie left them out, but all in all a good read. I expected to read this book and find it very different from the movie. The surprise here was that the movie was pretty true to the book. Pileggi keeps things moving at a rapid pace an nicely fits in the first hand accounts from Henry and a variety of people involved.

Even though I've seen the movie a dozen or so times I still found the book a good read. A note here: I am now reading Henry Hill's book which includes additional details that may or may not have been intentionally left out of Pileggi's book. Henry's version of events comes across as much darker and he is much more remorseful than what appears in this version of his story. If I had to say anything bad it would be that I wish Pileggi had caputured the regret and sadness also experienced by these people.

Henry would be the first to say he's not some mythical hero nor were the others and I think that is an important message to convey. Wise Guy, the nonfiction book on which the amazing film "Goodfellas" was based, sometimes drags but is an overall fascinating look at mid-level life in an organized crime family. Half-Irish, half-Sicilian protagonist Henry Hill, growing up in overcrowded poverty across the street from a Mafia-front cab stand, is enthralled by the life of the gangsters and can't wait to be part of their world.

The zeal with which he plans and executes various criminal activities and the nonchalance with which he describes gang world executions is remarkable. Henry's middle-class Jewish wife is also interviewed extensively,. If you liked the movie, you are definitely going to like this book. The mobsters had immense power on the street and making money was easy. And finally his betrayal of the Mob following the vicious murder spree following the Lufthansa robbery.

See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. You won't be disappointed. For those who have seen the film Goodfellas like I have and enjoyed the movie and I haven't met many people who haven't then this is essential reading as this book gives more detail and also highlights some of the variations that Scorsese has made in the film in comparison to this.

I think it makes both the movie and this book even more interesting though. For those that haven't seen the movie, this book describes the activities of how the Lucchese crime family in New York operated between the 50's's from the point of view of street level gangster who turns informant, Henry Hill. Henry Hill was unique in that he had access to many levels and areas of organised crime despite not being a 'made man'.

From a young age he was involved in hijacking, robbery, gambling, loan sharking, arms dealing, drugs, extortion, the list goes on. He was friends with Paul Vario a boss within the Lucchese crime family and his family in terms of both genetic and in an organised crime sense , as well as his 'mentor' and friend, Jimmy Burke a gangster who specialised in hijacking and theft and other crime figures.

This book also has commentary from his wife, Karen Hill, adding a different dimension to the story. Everything seems to fit together perfectly in this book. How Henry grows up with the mafia, how he hustles, his different schemes, how he meets the different people who influence his life, Paul Vario, Jimmy Burke, Tommy DeSimone, Karen Hill, his time in prison, drugs, murder, his decision to become an informant.

I haven't found another book of this genre that comes close to being as readable and entertaining. This book is from the point of view of a 'street mechanic', someone who knows how everything works and that is what makes it a cut above other books of this genre that are mostly journalistic crime hypotheses or old mafia bosses trying to justify a life of greed and self indulgence as if their crimes are a work of art.

My only regret is that it has taken me over 30 years to read this book it was published in ! It has a helluva lot to live up to!! Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. Great narration from Pileggi and forward by Scorcese.

Wise Guy: Life in a Mafia Family,...

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Widely acclaimed as America's greatest living film director, Martin Scorsese is also, some argue, the pre-eminent Italian American artist. Although he has treated various subjects in over three decades, his most sustained filmmaking and the core of his achievement consists of five films on Italian American subjects - Who's That Knocking at My Door? In Gangster Priest Robert Casillo examines these films in the context of the society, religion, culture, and history of Southern Italy, from which the majority of Italian Americans, including Scorsese, derive.

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How the Mafia Works

Mobspeak: The Language of the Mafia. A friend of ours : mob shorthand for introducing one made guy to another made guy. A trippa di zianata: "your aunt's tripe. Agita: anxiety, edginess, an upset stomach. Anti-Trust Violations : what authorities call the mob practice of carving out exclusive territories. Wiseguys call them "mine. Beef : a complaint or disagreement within the organization, usually discussed during a sit-down with higher-ups in the Family.

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Mobsters and ex-mobsters — even those who have been exiled to the Witness Protection Program — gossip like schoolgirls. The ex-gangsters, each of whom have firsthand experience in responding to mob crises, said that while authorities attempt to solve the murder, wise guys associated with Cali are likely conducting their own investigation. The result could be a lasting return to the violence of a flashier, more trigger-happy era of organized crime. Anybody who was associated with this murder, whether it was mob related or not, a couple of guys got to get killed now.

A Made man , also known as a Wiseguy , Made guy , Man of honor , or Mafioso plural: Mafiosi , is someone who has been officially inducted, usually as a soldier into a Sicilian or American Mafia family. Other common names for members include man of honor Italian: Uomo D'onore , Goodfella and Wiseguy , though these can also apply to non-members who work closely with the Mafia.

Today, the word "mafia" is used to refer to almost any organized crime group, and in some cases is even used to describe groups completely unrelated to crime. At other times, they have cooperated in the interest of greater profits, sometimes even serving on a "Commission" that made major decisions affecting all the families more on the Commission later. Most of the time, though, they simply agree to stay out of each other's way.

The 10 commandments of real-life wiseguys

To save this word, you'll need to log in. No more wise-guy remarks, got it? Mahony, courant.

In the American Mafia , a made man is a fully initiated member of the Mafia. To become "made", an associate first must be Italian or of Italian descent and sponsored by another made man. After the induction ceremony , the associate becomes a "made man" and holds the rank of soldier Italian: soldato in the Mafia hierarchy. Made men are the only ones who can rise through the ranks of the Mafia, from soldier to caporegime , consigliere , underboss , and boss. Other common names for members include man of honor Italian : uomo d'onore , man of respect Italian: uomo di rispetto , one of us, friend of ours, good fella, and wiseguy; although the last two terms can also apply to non-initiated Mafia associates who work closely with the Mafia, rather than just official "made men.

Anyway, this is just a li'l fun guide to Mafia slang that I ripped from a site. Not claiming credit for it, but I did that because they had the glossary over several pages, and it was a pain in the ass to read, and I thought this would be better. Oh, and obviously, not all of these terms could apply to Nedokius. I'll stick those into two categories. First off, we have the technology restraints.

Definition of wise guy. 1: smart aleck. 2 usually wiseguy \ ˈwīz-​ˌgī \: mobster. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about wise guy. Keep scrolling for.

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